Here's What You Can Learn From The OG Titas and Titos Of Manila
Here’s What You Can Learn From The OG Titas and Titos Of Manila

Here’s What You Can Learn From The OG Titas and Titos Of Manila

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The OG Titas and Titos of Manila have been plantitas, home workout enthusiasts, and foodies even before the pandemic. That’s why you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from their experiences!

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Cabin fever has forced us to get into all sorts of new hobbies. Whether it be plants, TikTok, wine, or home workouts, we’re sure that you’ve been keeping yourself busy with a new activity over the quarantine period. But, did you know that many high society titas and titos have already become experts of your newfound hobbies. Yes, they have been making the most out of their home life for years now. Actually, you may even be surprised with how well you relate to our list of OG Titas and Titos of Manila. So, without further ado, here are the five most relatable titas and titos of Manila!

Plant Tita: Tina Cuevas
tina cuevas, tita
We all know a plant tita, but do you know the queen plant tita of them all? We’re proclaiming Tita Tina Cuevas as our queen plant tita. She is the owner and executive director of Sulo Hotel Riviera in Quezon City, which is surrounded by multitudes of rare and exotic plants. Just look at her abundant collection of plants and we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

Vlogger Tita: Small Laude

Okay, so Tita Small Laude did start her vlog last year, but that doesn’t make her any less of a quarantine tita! She’s been on the YouTube grind since the start of the pandemic. Recently, she posted a cooking video that really shows her effortless knack for social media. Have you been following Tita Small’s footsteps and starting your own vlogger journey?

Workout Tita: Ann Ong

Tita Ann Ong is a real dancing queen! Before the pandemic, you’d see her dancing the night away with the bagets in social events. Now, you may have spotted a few of her workout videos on the ‘gram. From dancing to boxing, this Workout Tita has got enough energy to power through all of us. Plus, her workout tips deserve an insta-follow from all gym buffs out there!

Shopping Tita: Suzette Ayson

The true shopping tita is most definitely Tita Suzette Ayson. As the founder of JMA Jewelry, Tita Suzette, is a responsible shopper more than anything. In contrast to the usual online spending habits that have surfaced during quarantine, this tita shows that acquiring investment pieces like jewelry is where we should be spending our hard earned cash.

Wine Tito: Jhon Salvador

If you’re in need to shake up your wine palate, take cues from Tito Jhon Salvador. Of course, we can’t forget our Titos of Manila! Since the liquor ban was lifted, many have taken an interest to wine. Wine tasting is an extensive hobby with many aspects to take note of. But, with the help of YouTube and Tito John, you can be your household’s very own wine connoisseur.