The Secret To Taking Selfies In The Dark Is The vivo V21 Series

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Taking low light photos is almost impossible until we learned the secret to mastering selfies in the dark.

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Let me try to paint a scenario for you, it’s been a year of the pandemic and you’ve been spending most of your time on an app named Tiktok. While you were scrolling, you noticed that most of the people on the platform have similar bedrooms. Usually, the rooms you would see are lined with colorful LED lights with very hip furniture in the background. So, you decided to join in the bandwagon by purchasing your own neon lights and a hexagon shaped light fixture. After setting it all up and turning off the lights, you find everything to look very aesthetic. But once you bring your phone out for a picture, you can’t capture anything nicely because of the low light. This leaves you to wonder, “How did the influencers on Tiktok get great photos and videos in the dark?” The answer is simple, really. It all boils down to your camera settings.

First off, you have to check your shutter speed. You can change it to around 30 to 60 seconds, so it could fully capture the shot. Although, some phone cameras will adjust the shutter speed accordingly. Secondly, ISO plays a big role on the quality of your photo. If you aren’t sure how to adjust ISO, it’s usually the slider that makes your picture brighter or darker. Lastly, you wouldn’t need to adjust any of the first two if your phone has night mode. All you need to is switch on night mode and take as many photos or videos as you please.

A great night camera would be nothing less than 64 MP. Plus, if it’s equipped with 44MP OIS Self Portrait, Dual-View videos, 64MP OIS Night Camera, and Motion Autofocus capabilities, then you’d be unstoppable at taking low light content. The phone that meets all of these requirements can be found in the new vivo V21 5G. Sporting a slim width of 7.29mm for Dusk Blue; 7.39mm for Sunset Dazzle, it’s available in two exciting colors, Dusk Blue and Sunset Dazzle. The phone is just as gorgeous, especially once you get to master its camera magic—which just works like a dream.

Another great phone to consider for low light photography, is the vivo V21e. This phone is also part of the new vivo V21 series. It is primed and ready for all your snappy, fun photography adventures. Equipped with 44MP Eye Autofocus Self Portrait, and 64MP Night Camera, it enables casual and power users alike to enjoy Instagram-worthy photos and videos. The best part is the vivo V21e comes in a more affordable price range without having to compromise performance. You can still find Super Night Selfie, Dual-View Videos, and Motion Autofocus capabilities in this phone.

Getting the right equipment to start an online career can really help boost your way up to the top of the social media game. Since Tiktok bedrooms are essentially dark in nature, then the only natural thing to do is adapt to the new aesthetic of the internet. Don’t let low light settings stop you from pursuing your dream to go viral online. Just learn how to make the most of ISO and shutter speed or make the switch to a phone with night camera. The choice is yours!

For more details, visit vivo’s Official Website or visit vivo Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The new phones are also available for purchase at vivo’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.