Here's How You Can Add A Bit Of Workout In Your Busy Lifestyle
Here’s How You Can Add A Bit Of Workout In Your Busy Lifestyle

Here’s How You Can Add A Bit Of Workout In Your Busy Lifestyle

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Whether you’re working from home or out for a business errand, we found a way how you can try to subtly add a workout to your already busy schedule.

We’ve been in quaratine for nearly a year by now. And ever since we were all required to isolate ourselves, many of us have had to adjust to working from home. But not only that, because due to the closure of all physical gyms and fitness studios, many fitness enthusiasts needed to workout from home, too.

Now, while most gyms are slowly re-opening this 2021, adhering to safety protocols such as keeping your mask on and following social distancing guidelines while on the floor, it’s still safer, more convenient, and more comfortable to do all of it in the safety of our house.

In fact, as someone who recently went back to focus on his fitness journey, I resorted to looking for YouTube videos of fitness trends in addition to the ones my trainer in UFC Gym gave me back then. I did this just to add a bit of variety to the workouts I now do.

Workout Wonder Bands

Since I only workout at home, of course, I don’t have all the proper machines. I only rely on dumbbells, treadmill, and yoga mat to keep me company. When I heard about this trend of wearable weights, I had a eureka moment on how I can somehow balance my busy lifestyle with my fitness journey, making me realize it was the one thing I missed out on when I started working out.

A Band Of Wonders

You see, adding weights allows you to build on a little extra work to your workout or recreational activities, or basically, whatever you’re doing. So, when I came across Wonder Bands, it helped me level up my workout. It made a huge difference in strengthening my body and improving my balance.

Now, at first, I thought adding these wearable weights won’t do much—to which I found out I was totally wrong. Looking at its appearance, coming in two versions—one half and a pound weights—it looks so cute as candy making it not intimidating.

But when you finally add it to your daily routine, it’s a renegade that makes you really feel like you’ve worked out at the gym and makes your muscles burn. In my case, I used this when I did my core training, yoga, pilates, and jogging. You can also use this if you’re fond of Zumba or aerobics.

Aside from putting on some more resistance to your workout, Wonder Bands can be worn on your arms or legs even when doing everyday chores. These bands are versatile and allow for you to add some fitness into your everyday lifestyle; allowing even folding laundry or walking to the convenience or drug store to be a mini-workout. It just makes the world your gym.

Hence, this is perfect for those people who are really busy doing house chores or if you don’t have complete workout equipment like me. While I must admit that the price might be a bit hefty for weights, it’s really worth a shot if you’re a workaholic. And the last piece of advice, don’t wear these wearable weights when it is not necessary such as when you’re on the laptop working from home.

Wonder Bands sets start at P1699 and come in three colors: black, gray, and white. Follow @wonderbandsph on Instagram for more information & updates.