Here’s An Honest Review On Makeup Brands Getting Into Skincare

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We’ve seen a number of makeup brands diving into the skincare industry. The question is are the products any good?

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Skincare is the future. We all know that. After a year of the pandemic, it’s the one thing we know for certain. Nowadays, beauty junkies don’t spend hours packing on layers of makeup anymore. Why do they have to when most of our time is spent either indoors or with a mask on? That’s why there has been a premium set for skincare products. They help women feel beautiful during a time when makeup isn’t the answer. On top of this, the skincare wave has helped us realize that prevention is truly better than an immediate yet temporary cure. So, as the golden rule of economics goes, when there’s a demand, one must supply. And, that’s exactly what big cosmetic brands have been doing.

Recently, the Australian cosmetics brand, BYS, launched their first ever full skincare line called Skin by BYS. Despite the brand’s Australian roots, the initiative is actually local. The idea was spearheaded by the BYS Manila team, but it will be released globally. Since their makeup line already encourages women to express themselves, their skincare collection challenges women to love themselves harder.

That’s all great, but none of it matters unless the products work. Personally, I’ve been a fan of BYS since my college days. It’s an affordable makeup line with great products. Their highlighters, eyeliners, and loose powders can still be found in my drawer till this day. This might work as a disadvantage for BYS, since I’ll be expecting their skincare line to be as good as their makeup. To give a proper verdict, I’ll be using their newest collection to find out if BYS can conquer the skincare game as well as the cosmetics industry.

First Base: Clear, Cleanse, and Tone

Micellar Water
When it comes to taking off my makeup or general dirt from the day, my skincare weapon of choice will always be Micellar Water. That’s why I’m very happy that BYS decided to include it in their collection. Upon using it, I can say that I does the job of removing dirt well without completely stripping your face of moisture.

Milk Jelly Cleanser
The Skin by BYS Milk Jelly Cleanser is gentle cleanser that has Milk Protein Extract and a blend of 10 antioxidants. Generally, it’s a very refreshing cleanser. I didn’t need to use too much product to properly wash my face. After washing, it left my face supple and not at all tight, which is a good thing.

I use toner for everything. Aside from my face, I apply it on my underarms and my knees. Usually, my toner would help brighten, soften, and cleanse my skin. I’m happy to see that BYS’ toner uses Hyaluronic Acid, which is something I look for in a toner.

Second Base: As Within, So Without.

Extra Glow Sheet Mask
I am not a fan of sheet masks. They don’t usually work for everybody, but they do work for my sister. That’s why I sat this one out and asked my sister to try it. The BYS Extra Glow Sheet Mask reminds me of their mask collaboration with Park Seo -Joon. My sister reported that it works like every other sheet mask. She might have to try it a few more times to see results.

Eye cream
I have incredibly deep eye bags. It may be due to all my restless nights overthinking about the pandemic. I take care of them by using an eye cream, even if I’m just 22 years old. It’s better to prevent deeper bags. The formula of BYS’ eye cream is light and delicate. It can also be spread easily around my face, so I don’t need too much product.

Third Base: Nourish, Moisturize, and Lock In

Brightening Serum
The BYS Extra Glow Brightening Serum is recommended to anyone who is under 35 years old. But, if you would like to use both their Brightening Serum and Youth Serum, then you may do so. I opted to just use the Brightening Serum. I was surprised to see that this serum isn’t as fluid as others in the market. They come out almost gel-like and turn watery after it’s been spread.

Face Cream
I was hesitant about using the face cream, because it’s usually the product that my skin reacts poorly to. So, I have to be very selective about my creams. I have sensitive combination skin, so some parts are extremely dry while others are oily. On top of that, they need to be hypoallergenic and safe for psoriasis prone skin. After using the face cream, I can say it works best with my dry areas, but not so much on the oily ones. To work around it, I’ll just be applying this cream to my dry spots.

The Verdict: Skin by BYS
I can say with confidence that the Skin by BYS is great and a winning moment for the company. With that being said, I must also say that their new line isn’t for everyone. You’ll be able to find something great from their eight pioneering products, but I don’t think all eight would work for one person. There were products in the line that worked tremendously on me and others that worked better for my sister. We all have varying skin types, so learning what works best for you is the key here. If you find something responds to your skin positively in the newly launched Skin by BYS line, then do not hesitate to stick to that product as your staple