Here’s A Sustainable Choice Among All Fast-Fashion Collections

As there is a growing market in the industry of sustainable fashion with so many options, these collections could be your best bet amongst all fast-fashion brands. 

With people across various parts of the globe becoming more conscious of the things they consume, businesses are starting to see the need for real change. In the fashion industry, we’re seeing more and more brands and even luxury houses that have begun producing sustainable fashion selections to cater to consumers who are looking for ethically made clothing.

Even wit this consciousness, there is still a need for more fashion brands to shift into sourcing more sustainable raw materials so as to close the loop. Fortunately, leading the charge amongst fast-fashion brands is H&M, which is widely known for its circular business model and having started a garment collecting initiative to help decrease the industry’s waste. In their most recent effort, the Swedish fashion giant unveiled two new sustainable collections: Fall 2020 and their collaboration with luxury Italian designer Giuliva Heritage.

Fall 2020

Seems like the fast-fashion giant has opted to bring us back to the 30s with all of the wonderful lace dresses that dominated that epoch. The entire eight-piece collection has vintage details such as mutton sleeves and ruffles, as well as modern, voluminous cuts. And in a color palette of contrast between off-white and strong black, the lace, jacquard, and wool in the collection are made from more sustainably sourced materials—recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and recycled wool come from textile waste, plastic waste, or a mix between them.

So, with a wearable mix of the oversized coat worn over a lace dress and chunky boots are actually the ultimate expression of this season as it’s all about finding power in timeless designs. And the Fall 2020 collection emphasizes this by blending vintage silhouettes with fashion-forward modernity in dress lengths ranging from mini to maxi, along with a full-length double-breasted coat.

Giuliva Heritage

H&M’s latest designer collaboration is with the luxury Italian brand Giuliva Heritage, which is known for its exquisitely flawless tailoring and bringing classic menswear silhouettes into the world of womenswear. But apart from that, Giuliva Heritage’s founders, Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardelli Cavaliere, have always been passionate about long-lasting fashion in great fabrics.

So, as they share the same initiative with the Swedish fashion giant, this collaborative collection created a modern take on Italian heritage with a collection made from materials from more sustainable sources. “We have always been passionate about authentic, meaningful fashion that lasts and this collection undoubtedly captures that,” founders shares. “It was wonderful that we created easy transitional pieces with designs that stand the test of time [by] using recycled materials with every look.”

The Giuliva Heritage x H&M collection features traditional shirting, strong tailored blazers, and contemporary trench coats in recycled wool, recycled polyester, and organic cotton. Accompanied by flowing blouses, dresses, and wearable coordinating separates, these looks offer a concise, classic wardrobe.

Both H&M’s Fall 2020 collection and Giuliva Heritage x H&M collection are now available in stores nationwide.

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