Here’s A First Look At BVLGARI’s Magnifica 2021 Collection

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Crafted with some of the rarest gems in the world, BVLGARI’s Magnifica Collection is the brand’s most precious jewelry collection yet.

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An Italian luxury brand well-known for their jewelry and watches, BVLGARI’s Magnifica 2021 High Jewelry and High-End Watches collection did not disappoint. Made of the most extraordinary combination of gems, craftsmanship, and designs, this collection is BVLGARI’s most precious high jewelry collection yet.

BVLGARI unveiled its Magnifica collection in Milan for the first time, aiming to be a sign of hope and restart for the city. “Bulgari has decided to pay a tribute to Milan also for its courage fighting and winning the worst COVID pandemic toll of Europe, working closely with the City Council to deliver a strong and beautiful message of hope and determination for the future.” as per press release.

An ode to fearless women, Italian craftsmanship, and the Italian capital of luxury and fashion, Milan, the collection boasts of 350 masterpieces of jewelry and high-end watches—with each piece showcasing its Roman DNA and 137 years of bold, timeless creativity.

With over 60 millionaire designs, including 122 never before seen art works, the BVLGARI Magnifica Collection is worth hundreds of millions of euros, and hundreds of thousands of hours of artistry and craftsmanship—making it the perfect ode to beauty, and craftsmanship and expertise of the Italian maestria

One of the most extraordinary and precious gems, the collection showcases a stunning spinel weighing 131.24 carats—ranking fourth in the world by carat weight, but “the most beautiful in terms of quality.” Beautiful 93 carats Colombian emerald, as well as Paraiba tourmalines, are showcased within the collection.

The Magnifica collection also boasts of high-end timepieces, one of which is the most expensive and precious watch the BVLGARI has ever designed. Called the Ruby Metamorphosis watch, it took 1650 hours to complete, and is crafted with an antique cushion-cut 6.3 carat Mozambique ruby. Other timepieces are the Celestial Sky watch crafted with an oval-shaped 6 carat Sri Lanka sapphire; the Diamond Swan watch that features 7-carat facetted rock crystal; and the Baroque Spiral watch that is crafted with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Made with some of the world’s rarest gems, the BVLGARI Magnifica 2021 Collection is nothing short of magnificent.