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Here Are The Youtube Channels Of Your Favorite Korean Actors

Here Are The Youtube Channels Of Your Favorite Korean Actors

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Korean actors, Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho give us snippets into their high-profile lives with their YouTube channels

If you’re a long time fan of the entire Korean entertainment world, you would know that unlike here in the Philippines or Hollywood, insights from your favorite Korean celebrities are not as accessible. A possible reason could be that Korean entertainment industry is generally reserved. So, we thank the trend of personal vlogs from celebrities and influencers alike around the globe that encouraged some of our favorite Korean celebrities to create their own YouTube channels.

Just recently, actor Song Joong Ki of ht Netflix drama, Vincenzo, launched his own YouTube channel that surprised a lot of people. The actor give viewers ideas on what he is like in person, and what he does when he’s off screen. Like Song Joong Ki, here are the other Korean actors who also have their own YouTube channels and what kind of content they produce.

Lee Min Ho

Channel: leeminhofilm

The treatment of Lee Min Ho’s vlog looks like a mini film, with aesthetically-pleasing and entertaining content. He vlogs highlights his reels to serene day-to-day moments.

Jung Il Woo

Channel: 1DAY 1LWOO

Jung Il Woo shares a variety of content with his viewers such as live broadcasts, vlogs, and interesting collaborations with other Korean celebrities while eating delicious food.

Park Seo Joon

Channel: Record PARK’s

Park Seo Joon’s YouTube channel is a platform for him to share behind-the-scenes footage of his work, and his daily life. One of his most viewed video was him getting the iconic Park Saeroyi haircut for Itaewon Class.

Song Joong Ki

Channel: Songjoongki Vlog

Song Joong Ki’s vlog was uploaded via History DNC’s channel, the actor’s agency, and it was about his trip to Busan for the Busan International Film Festival. In the video, we followed Song Joong Ki’s preparation before walking the festival’s red carpet.

Ji Chang Wook

Channel: 지창욱.Jichangwook

Started in 2019, Ji Chang Wook’s content started with him doing activities he haven’t tried before, and titled thart series, “Live Or Die By Style” Aside from that he also uploads some behind the scene footage from his recent drama, which was Lovestruck In The City with Kim Ji Won. His last uploaded vlog was him doing a “day-in-a-life” content which was uploaded last July 2021.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Channel: Bravohyun

Yumi’s Cell and My Name’s leading man, Ahn Bo Hyun also have a YouTube channel that already have over 260 thousand subscribers and it’s a look into how he likes to spend his off days.


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