Here Are The Local Beauty Brands That Need To Be On Your Radar
Here Are The Local Beauty Brands That Need To Be On Your Radar

Here Are The Local Beauty Brands That Need To Be On Your Radar

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More and more Filipina-led beauty brands have skyrocketed in the local beauty scene as they focus on what our quaranskin (quarantine skin) needs. 

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If your makeup and skincare routine has been updated over the course of the pandemic, then you better make more room for these beauty brands, fresh in the beauty industry for your consideration. Boasting of skin-perfecting products that can minimize your time in front of the mirror, these definitely won’t compromise the full pamper experience. Who else would know the exact skin needs of their fellow Filipina women than these young Filipina beauty enthusiasts behind these new beauty brands that are more than ready to greet your skin?

The Klean Lab

Klean Lab

While everyone’s now into keeping themselves clean more than ever, The Klean Lab introduces cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan face and body mistsInstaprotect Hydrating Face Mist which has hydrating and antibacterial properties to instantly invigorate the skin and Double Duty Oil Control Body Mist, which multi-tasks on your body to prevent excessive oil build-up. As the team behind The Klean Lab noticed a gap in the current market, they were quick to think of something handy and functional. These refreshing pick-me-uppers have a subtle yet inviting smell that you’ll love to keep spritzing to avoid dryness. 

For more information on The Klean Lab, you can check their Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts @thekleanlab

Fayre Skin

Fayre Skin

A leap of faith in the midst of the pandemic, Fayre Skin was brought to the industry through the passion of two beauty junkies. From gloss to matte, its wide range of lip products in gorgeous shades and finishes can perfectly enhance a true Filipina beauty. The tints and glosses also double as lip gloss for it’s infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract to retain the lip’s moisture. 

For more information, you can check @_fayreskin on Instagram. 

Morena Filipina 

morena filipina

From the name itself, Morena Filipina redefines modern Filipina. Whether you’re fair or morena, the local beauty brand has lip shades perfect for you, delivering the dewy and natural flush. If you’re into bolder lips, Morena Filipina has flattering lip colors for any kind of day ahead of you. 

For more information on Morena Filipina, you can visit @morena.filipina on Instagram.


In case you still don’t know yet, our skin needs deep exfoliation to get rid of unwanted chicken skin, dark spots, discoloration, and dry skin. Taking us into a deep skin adventure, local beauty brand S.Keen promises to be keen on skin. Each of their skin-loving products are carefully crafted by their S.Keen house chemists. Indulge into something therapeutic while nurturing your skin with all-natural ingredients. 

For more information on S.Keen, you can visit @s.keen_ on Instagram.