Here Are Anne Curtis' Ultimate Top 5 Louis Vuitton Faves
Here Are Anne Curtis’ Ultimate Top 5 Louis Vuitton Faves

Here Are Anne Curtis’ Ultimate Top 5 Louis Vuitton Faves

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In this MEGA exclusive, celebrity star style, Anne Curtis shared her all time favorite Louis Vuitton pieces with Editor-in-Chief of MEGA, Peewee Reyes-Isidro.

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MEGA’s coverage of the Louis Vuitton SS21 Spin-Off Show had everything you could’ve imagined: Anne Curtis’ powerful star presence, Peewee Reyes-Isidro’s style savviness, Nicolas Ghesquière’s heartwarming speech, and Louis Vuitton in everything in between. During the show, Anne Curtis gave an exclusive to our Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, on her all time favorite Louis Vuitton pieces.

As a collector, Anne Curtis has amassed a great personal collection that can rival any fashion icon’s closet. We’ve seen her decked out on their latest collections and traveling around the world with a monogrammed bag at hand. Despite all of this, we still don’t know what her favorite pieces are from the prestigious fashion house till now. Let’s take a deep dive into the Anne Curtis’ top five favorite Louis Vuitton pieces from their history to her personal style.

1. Pégase Légère 55

Before the pandemic started, Anne Curtis led a jet set lifestyle. She would travel luxuriously with the Louis Vuitton Pégase Légère 55, which is one of the many soft suitcases that the brand offers. As Anne said during the Interview, it is truly a timeless and elegant piece to have.

2. Grace Coddington Capsule Collection

The multimedia superstar stated that she owned a bag and a pair of sneakers from the collection. We didn’t get the details on which bag she got, but we do know the sneaker she’s talking about. The capsule collection featured a cute and quirky Stellar Sneaker boot in Black and Tan.

  1. LV Volt Necklace

The LV Volt Necklace is one of the pieces from Louis Vuitton’s genderless collection of jewelry designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof. It has been seen on local and international stars of all genders, such as Harry Styles and Anne Curtis. The necklace reinterprets the Maison’s initials in a smart and subtle way. A large L holds a small V with a clear cut diamond intact.

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  1. Star Trail Ankle Boot

The Star Trail Ankle Boot is an unmistakable piece from the House of Louis Vuitton. Many high profile personalities turn to these booties when going about their fabulous day in the city. The ankle boot is army-inspired. This is easily seen through the black calf leather trimming and the rugged platform soles of the boot.

  1. Coussin Handbag

We’ve all seen the iconic picture. Anne Curtis stunned us all in a recent photoshoot with Louis Vuitton where she had the Coussin handbag in Motion Green at hand. The pillow-like Coussin’s color played a huge rule in the Spring-Summer 2021 show. The LV Motion Green wasn’t named like that for nothing. It was used as a green screen device along with other pieces in the runway.