Heart Evangelista Unveils Love Marie Designs With RLC Residences
Heart Evangelista Unveils Love Marie Designs With RLC Residences

Heart Evangelista Unveils Love Marie Designs With RLC Residences

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In celebration of her second chapter with the multi-awarded condo developer, Heart Evangelista launches Love Marie Designs, an exclusive line of aromatherapy candles dedicated to welcoming new homeowners.

Admired as a true multi-hyphenate artist, Heart Evangelista has made a name for herself as an actress, visual artist, and global fashion icon. Now, the tastemaker is set to take on a new role as a fragrance connoisseur as she released her new collaborative project named Love Marie Designs with multi-awarded condo developer RLC Residences.

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As the partnership between RLC Residences and Heart Evangelista continues, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario gave a nod to the icon. “Heart has been the perfect brand ambassador for RLC Residences since the beginning of the partnership in 2020. But more than that, she is a member of our family who embodies the same values we do as we continue to Raise, Live, and Connect.” In celebration of her second chapter with the brand, RLC Residences released a line of surprises for its customers during a recent event.

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Love Marie Designs

Heart proved that she is one creative chameleon as she crafted an exclusive line of aromatherapy candles that embody her definition of home. “Candles remind me of home and beautiful memories. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.” The artist continued, “We all know that a candle also means light and hope. So yes, I think it’s a good way to welcome home the new residents with these special candles, and relay the feeling of hope after everything we’ve been through. And wherever you are, I think you will still feel at home with RLC Residences through these candles. I hope they’ll love it as much as I do.”

The Love Marie Designs x RLC Residences aromatherapy candle kit is set to be a perfect gift for new residents as they move into their new homes. A box houses three different scents: RLC Residences, Holiday Sparkle, and Love Marie. Heart also revealed that by December, she will be releasing a vlog documenting her candle design process.

Real stories

In addition to Love Marie Designs, Heart introduced the new RLC Residences Brand Story video to the public. “As an RLC Residences homeowner myself, I’ve witnessed how they work on putting customers and residents at the center of everything they do,” the artist shared.  The plot features real stories of homeowners and how the brand’s Raise, Live, and Connect proposition is inspired by their clients’ home needs. 

Meanwhile, RLC Residences Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager Chad Sotelo also revealed the inspiration behind the new video and their overall operations. “Creating a delightful experience for our residents and clients has always been at the core of what we do at RLC Residences,” he said. “They’ve been inspiring us to build a home that they can proudly call theirs, and we are thankful that they choose us as partners in their journey to live their best lives. Everything that we have done and achieved at this point is all because of them, and we will continue to do so in the coming years.”