Heads Up Bibliophiles, You Might Want To Bookmark Big Bad Wolf For Your Valentine’s Day Date

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With an estimated average of 2 million books to be brought to Manila, Big Bad Wolf promises crazier deals and a roaring good time while you’re at it.

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Listen, who doesn’t love a good deal? We know we do, especially when it goes way below the 50% margin. Nothing can be more thrilling in the purchasing context when you snag a buy for such a steal, sending a shock of energy down your spine. The item in discussion doesn’t entirely matter, but it does hold more gravitas when it promises to enrich further than what you initially intended to. This is precisely what Big Bad Wolf has been doing for three consecutive years now—energizing cities by way of entertainment, information, and education.

What now stands to be a tradition on Valentine’s Day, Big Bad Wolf in Manila comes back with a louder, booming roar. Following its wildly successful runs, the unprecedented massive book sale has converted a city to book-loving fans with its selection of titles that run the gamut from bestsellers to hard-to-find. Going bigger and bolder over the course of the 11-day sale (February 14-24), cult fans and first timers will have access to more than 2 million English titles at a whopping 50-90% off—and even more impressive, a jaw-dropping further markdown for as low as 60 pesos. With a spectrum of books that range from classic literature, adrenaline-rushing thrillers, giddy young adult fare, enthralling romance, life-changing self-help, impressive architecture, nourishing cooking, critically acclaimed graphic novels, and even a milestone collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines for access to related and necessary titles on copyright, scouring through towering stacks of books will nothing be short of a bibliophilic dream.

The acceptance with wide open arms by the public has truly surprised many, including Jacqueline Ng, co-founder of Big Bad Wolf. “Since coming over to the Philippines in 2018, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has quickly amassed loyal fans in the forms thousands of readers who come to the event in order to find treasured titles to build their personal libraries at home,” she says. “We are always gratified to find that readers from all over the country highly anticipate our return each time and it’s amazing to see the unparalleled level of interests in books here that continues to motivate us. We are also proud to continue to contribute to the rise of English literacy and to the interest of reading as a beloved past time here.”  And this is saying a lot, especially since at this point, Big Bad Wolf has set made a sizable imprint after setting foot in 11 countries and 32 cities in Asia. In fact, in the Philippines alone, it has already sought out a presence beyond the capital by making several trips to Cebu, Davao, and Pampanga.

Photo from @bbwbooksph on Instagram

More than just being the world’s biggest book sale, Big Bad Wolf has also proven to have quite the heart for charity as it is genuinely passionate about reading advocacy with its organization that aims to foster a passion for reading among the less fortunate through Red Readerhood. Partnering locally with Gawad Kalinga, Big Bad Wolf has reached out and given the gift of reading to communities in provinces such as El Nido, Palawan, Dumaguete, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, Leyte, and the Cordillera Autonomous Region with a profound 16,123 books collected from the sales that happened in the country. “The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale continues to persevere in making access to very affordable books to available to Filipinos. Through the generosity of visitors to the Sale also becoming book donors, the partnership has enabled Gawad Kalinga to bring the donated books to areas as far as Sulu, bringing joy to young and old alike,” says said Jose Luis Oquiñena, Executive Director of Gawad Kalinga. “As we face natural and man-made calamities, it is important to highlight encouraging events like the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Together, we hope to unlock the possibilities and aspirations from each book that everyone can discover.”

This year, the outreach program continues with an initial pledge of 1000 books, which you could definitely take part of. At the end of the run, the collections will be distributed to communities, barangays, and public schools in Mindoro and Taal, Batangas.

Trust us when we say that a trip to this mammoth of a book sale is a must, whether or not you have someone to go with or not. Although we suggest tagging someone along because it is guaranteed that you will not step out of the World Trade Center in Pasay empty handed. Whether you’re a fan of literature or not, the lure of a potential library of books at such a price is simply too hard to ignore. Plus, you can come at any given time as it is open 24 hours, and entrance is free. This writer amassed an average of three bags of books each year. So, be prepared to pore over the aisles and spend eventually.

Photo from @bbwbooksph on Instagram

Literature printed on the pages passed over time has taught us that too much of a good thing can be bad, but in this case, the bad is actually oh so good.

For more information on Big Bad Wolf, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as their comprehensive website.