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Get That Harry Styles-Approved Watermelon Sugar High With This Tropical Release

Get That Harry Styles-Approved Watermelon Sugar High With This Tropical Release

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Work that wonderful and warm beauty mood, crank up your speakers to Harry Styles, and get lost in that intoxicating watermelon sugar high.

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It may not quite be the end of June just yet, but boy are we getting our getting our fill of a tropical summer fantasy, complete with glaring glints of the sun that makes you squint to the sight, films of sand brushing against the skin, and copious slices of juicy watermelon. No, we are not about to assume a head-scratching bout of impertinence, one that sees a blatant bending of the mandate of quarantine and social distancing, but rather the timely release of the music video for Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

Dedicated to touching, in what stands to be what hopefully will be just a temporary end to the love language and human sense, Harry Styles appropriately charges the visual release of his sticky and sweet release, Watermelon Sugar, with nostalgia. Filmed as if it were a retro film, Harry Styles is seen relishing the season of the sun by the seaside, nonchalantly chomping on watermelon as scenes of frolicking in the sand, soaking up the warmth, and dancing to the drawl of the scene. It is a wistful memory at this point, but one that is equally engaging even from where we sit in the comforts of our homes, of course.


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Following the groovy swoops of the song’s progression and melody, as well as of course the lyrics laced with innuendos, Watermelon Sugar is both a sonorous and visual feast, owing to the distinct quirk and flair of Mr. Harry Styles clad in Gucci’s S/S 2020 collection, no less. But apart from his ring-festooned and painted in flamingo pink nails, one other aspect that makes you want to live out the summer daydream are the no-fuss beauty looks that the company of the singer surrounds himself with in the music video.

From shimmer-dusted lids to pats of yellow, there was a prominence of season staples, such as pops of peach, washes of blush and berry on the cheeks and across the nose, to a delicate balance of cocoa tones. With a refreshing ease about the brand of beauty complementing the mood of the visual narrative, it isn’t far out to turn these into a reality, because coincidentally, the Anne Curtis-led blk Cosmetics has recently launched its blk Fresh collection, an extension of its brand mission and vision of uncomplicated beauty.

Practical and easy-to-use, blk Fresh is set to give you the distinct sun-kissed glow with its assortment of hydrating, lightweight, and vitamin-rich formulations in four fruity flavors that will almost make you want to sink your teeth into it such as Feeling Peach, Very Berry, Wondermelon, and Coco Crush. With its new introductions of All-Day Lip and Cheek Tint (a vibrant and seamless stain for that natural flush on the skin), Tinted Balm (a non-sticky emulsion for dry and parched lips with a subtle sheen for your puckered pout), and an Exfoliating Lip Scrub (a sugary scrub that will give you soft and silky lips), you can easily incorporate these to your pick-me-up beauty moments and imagine yourself swaying to the wind and munching on the much-talked-about fruit with Harry Styles.

The most important facet to the blk Fresh release is its focus on skincare, an innovative yet affordable lineup that are formulated to rejuvenate your skin with all the TLC it deserves, especially during these anxiety-ridden times. Indulge your existing routine with these additions, including the Wondermelon Hydrating + Brightening Glow Bamboo Fiber Mask (which the brand has also pledged to front liners as a small token of their appreciation for all the work they do), the Coco Crush Deep Moisture + Collagen Biocellulose Mask (a soothing moisture-locking sheet that infuses deep with hyaluronic acid, coconut extract, and arnica Montana flower extract), the Collagen + Vitamin E Makeup Removing Wipes (a gentle and alcohol free skin-saving reminder to wipe your stresses away after a makeup moment), and the Skin-Hydrating Ultra-Fine Mist (a delicate curtain of watermelon that relaxes, revitalizes, and refreshes).

While the reality of an island escape eludes us for the time being, this might just be the next best thing to breathe in and breathe out the intoxicating allure of the beach. Besides, nothing says summer than a relaxing sunshine-trickled scene with the remnants of a tropical abundance you will want to lick off from the sides of your lip, and naturally, an anthem that is set to be the soundtrack of the season in isolated limbo. So, work that wonderful and warm beauty mood, crank up your speakers to Harry Styles, and get lost in that watermelon sugar high.