Hakubi Lets the Beauty of Confidence Shine with These New Skin-Loving Products - Beauty
Hakubi Lets the Beauty of Confidence Shine with These New Skin-Loving Products

Hakubi Lets the Beauty of Confidence Shine with These New Skin-Loving Products

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Hakubi brings the expertise of Japanese skin care science into everyday products. These not just boost your skin’s radiance, but also strengthen your love for a more confident you

If there’s one word that has defined the past year, it’s change. Mindsets and habits have shifted, from physical changes such as new daily habits and space remodelling, to even internal realizations such as new-found definitions of beauty and care for the self. It seems like the whole world is always abuzz with what’s the newest product and how they improve our lives. But, as the saying goes: the more things change, the more things stay the same. Even if our definitions of physical beauty may have evolved over time, especially having gone through rounds of skin care experimentation, one fundamental factor remains intact in every woman: the beauty of confidence.

Let yourself shine

Beauty is ever-evolving, but one constant is confidence. This is the call of Hakubi, the newest skin care brand on the block that brings Japanese skin care science in staple products to uplift every woman. Gone are the days of worrying about your appearance every so often. Now, Hakubi gives you the opportunity to face fears and insecurities head-on and to embrace the “you” that you love the most with beauty that illuminates.

First and foremost, Hakubi focuses on improving your skin’s radiance by preventing spots, blemishes, and other pigmentation irregularities. With the Hakubi White C range of products, this is done from the inside and out. Add a skin-loving supplement to your daily routine with the Hakubi White C Tablets. Through the effective combination of L-Cysteine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Calcium Pantothenate, your skin’s metabolism is boosted to give it a healthy glow throughout the day. No more rushing to the powder room for retouches, or worrying about your next trip to a skin specialist. By taking one tablet every morning, you can wake up to a more even skin tone and a more confident outlook towards your skin.

For a topical alternative, the Hakubi White C Gel is the way to go. This clear gel permeates skin to prevent blemishes and freckles caused by sunburn. It also tightens skin to keep its youthfulness, prevents excess oil production, and soothes flushed skin caused by excessive heat. This is done through the wonders of Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol. They are effective ingredients in skin moisturization by stabilizing water retention and boosting skin cell recovery. Use it in the morning after your cleansing routine, or at night just before relaxing in bed.

Fit the Hakubi BB Cream as a new addition to your skin care regimen with its 5-in-1 use. This moisture-rich cream acts as a foundation, sunblock, essence cream, makeup base, and concealer in one! With just one pearl-sized blob of cream to spread evenly over the entire face, your skin care routine just got the upgrade it needed. Find another kit staple in the Hakubi Q10 Cream for daily moisturization and wrinkle prevention. As an essential final step to any regimen, you can feel a refreshed and renewed supple skin that won’t be one to shy away from.

Embrace this new-found love in yourself and boost your confidence with Hakubi now in the Philippines. Experience the Japanese expertise and care towards a woman’s skin. Unveil only the best in you with the Hakubi White C Tablets and range of topicals.

Hakubi White C is now available at Watsons! Try #WatsonsExpressDelivery for the chance to experience Japanese Skin Care Science in 4 hours or less! You can also browse the Hakubi range of products in their official Shopee and Lazada stores.