GUESS Overcomes Generational Gaps With Their Newest Seasonal Pieces - MEGA
GUESS Overcomes Generational Gaps With Their Newest Seasonal Pieces

GUESS Overcomes Generational Gaps With Their Newest Seasonal Pieces

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It’s summer time for all ages with the GUESS Summer ‘21 Collection

More often than not, trends come and go. From hairstyles, makeup looks, to clothing pieces–we sometimes can’t even keep up with the pace of what’s in and what’s out anymore. As time passes, the trends that we used to be so overly obsessed with just end up not complementing our age, current lifestyle, and overall aesthetic. This is why fashion styles that are both new and timeless at the same time work the most, especially if each clothing piece can go with whoever, no matter what age. GUESS continues to overcome generational gaps as their Summer ‘21 Collection brings on the heat for people from different age groups.

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Summer lovin’

With the campaign shot in the middle of Altea, Spain’s brightness and splendor, it completely encaptures the dream vacation we are all yearning for. Boasting the vibrant tones of summer, GUESS adds so much more joie de vivre with the Summer ‘21 Collection’s rich colors that range from muted to bold, and prints that have a mix of lines, shapes, and nature-like elements such as flowers and leaves. Projecting the look and feel of the ultimate summer getaway makes this GUESS collection perfect for that additional touch of both nostalgia and desire.

Their diverse range of eye-catching summery designs simply match with varying ages. With its palm tree print as well as its renewable and breathable fiber, the Eco Rayon New Palms Shirt is the ideal button-down shirt for a breezy father and son walk on a casual and carefree weekend. Meanwhile, the best girl friends can have the fashionable summer of their lives with the Ilaria Romper and Betty Pin Up Long Sleeve Shirt because of the design’s fresh nature elements, making it go with any and all kinds of aesthetics. The Dillon Jacket with Patches is now every person’s newest go-to denim outerwear as it gives off a cool and relaxed summer vibe with its colorful statement patchwork.

Spanning different generations

Whether it’s through silhouette or design, GUESS continues to create pieces that caters to both the younger and older generations as they keep in mind not just the possible trends, but also all of their customers’ wants and needs. Being one of the leading trendsetters in the fashion industry puts GUESS and their Summer ‘21 Collection at the forefront of what fits each person’s style and aesthetic this season.

Visit GUESS’ website to add more vibrancy to your wardrobe, no matter how old you are. To stay updated on upcoming releases, follow them on Facebook.