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GUESS Is Giving Us The Best Of 2021’s Fall Fashion

GUESS Is Giving Us The Best Of 2021’s Fall Fashion

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Tweed, loungewear, and co-ords are the name of the game this fall season. Find out how GUESS was able to deliver all of this in one collection.

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Fashion is inspired by pop culture, celebrities, the economy, and so many other factors. That’s why it’s such a fast-paced industry. As we all know, things change in the blink of an eye, especially during a global pandemic. One day we’re all wearing sweats for a work from home setup. On others, we’re dressing to the nines for the comeback of indoor dining. We can always expect fashion trends to evolve as our lives do. And, at this certain point in time, fall fashion is giving us something new to look forward to.

Welcome to the real Gossip Girl sequel. Blair Waldorf can take a run for her money because prep is back and better than ever. Influencers and celebrities are now sporting tweed, co-ords, and luxurious yoga gear. These trends took inspiration from South Korean idols, American Tiktok stars, and international models, such as: Jennie Kim of Blackpink, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, and Addison Rae.

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One brand that was able to spot these trends early on is GUESS. They recently came out with their Fall collection that featured tweeds, two piece coordinates, a play on luxury athleisure, and the rebirth of logomania. They were able to create a collection that brings together the present and future of a comfortable yet posh approach to fashion. Here’s how they incorporated three of our favorite fall trends in their newest collection.

Trending in Tweed
Usually, we would associate tweed with warmth and maturity, but things have changed. Due to multiple fabric innovations, GUESS has found a way to make the fabric wearable in tropical countries. They’ve created a lightweight form of tweed that holds the same aesthetic, minus the sweat inducing warmth. Now, we can all recreate Jennie Kim’s iconic tweed looks.

Classy Coordinates
Who doesn’t love a matching set? They’re the no-brainer solution to coming up with an outfit in short notice. Plus, two-piece coordinates are extremely chic. You can try them out in greys, nudes, and whites to give off that effortlessly cool vibe to everyone you meet. Aside from this, you can mix and match the coordinates with our pieces in the same tonal family.

Luxurious Loungewear
We had a brief relationship with basic sweatpants. After almost two years in the pandemic, we’ve decided to retire the trousers for an elevated set of loungewear. We’ve all discovered the value of investing in comfortable pieces. They’re great to wear at home as a mood booster and stylish enough to flaunt when going about errands within the day. GUESS was able to keep all of this in mind and created their own set of luxurious loungewear that are definitely worth investing in.