Gucci F/W 2020 Brings Backstage To The Forefront For An Unrepeatable Storytelling

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The Gucci Women’s Fall/Winter 2020 show is an unrepeatable ritual. Like clockwork, fortified by the cylindrical revolving stage separated only by a flimsy film of fabric, the runway show told a story of fashion and its process.

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Runway shows are usually about the finished product; the outcome of months, weeks, and days of careful conceptualization and creation. But in this ceremony, what usually stays buried becomes the forefront of the show. It tells a story about the struggle of the parturient that accompanies the tremble of creation.

Hair, makeup, and fitting–all were seen transparently as the production was an ode to the cinema; the film reel-inspired stage, moving rhythmically like a steady, well-placed breath set to a marching orchestration. Classical music plays in the background as lights dim, illuminating the platform. Models were revealed changing into their 1970s-cut suits and Victorian-inspired dresses before making their way to the front of the rotating glass tank.

Bold and different colors, the clothes are made for a diverse set of personalities, with the overlying theme of vintage frills, leather, and lace. It followed the vein of grown-up quirky, but this time with the intrusion of religious details that made looking closer even more charming than the sensorial first glance rotation. The storytelling was not lost as evidenced by the nuanced layers, the textured details, and the pervading atypical romance threading through the collection.

The Gucci Women Fall/Winter 2020 show caresses a nostalgia of the human that others call imperfection. It sews, with the accuracy of love, the tiniest details of the scene in order to offer them to a community of interpreters seated around the rotating stage. The show was a clear message by Alessandro Michele. With eclectic pieces and unconventional designs, he wants us to listen.

Gucci Fall/Winter 2020