Want To Achieve A Runway-Worthy Eyeliner Look? Try Out These Local Brands

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Can these eyeliners from local brands recreate the runway beauty looks of Chanel and Dior? Here we test it out.

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Over the course of the quarantine, one thing is evident—makeup has been an outlet for creativity. May it be for an at-home Instagram photo shoot, trying out a new TikTok trend or as a form of self-care, the graphic eyeliner trend is a fun way to pass time while upgrading your beauty game. For those who are relatively new with the trend, we suggest playing around with your everyday black eyeliner. Be artistic and can create free-flowing lines and unexpected shapes that require less perfection than a cat-eye. Not to mention, it’s fitting for our face mask–wearing times. 

But an artist also needs the proper instruments and with this in mind finding an eyeliner that can easily create a flawless flick is important. Luckily for us, local brands have been stepping up with outstanding formula that don’t come with a hefty price tag.

Here are the local brands we tested out and recreated runway beauty looks with:

Slick Flick Duo by Strokes Beauty Lab

Want to know a makeup trick that will accentuate your eyes and give you fuller lashes? It’s tightlining. Their Slick Gel Eyeliner right eyeliner provides the right formula just for it. It’s waterproof and glides on easily without tugging or having to layer for good pigmentation, so you don’t irritate your eyes or cause pre-mature wrinkles. I tried it out by doing a look inspired by the Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 show. The only difficulty I encountered was smoking the liner out for the desired effect since I had to use a black eyeshadow to seamlessly blend the liner on my crease. Last on the checklist was to test out its waterproof ability. I went for a trusty Grey’s Anatomy episode to shed a tear or two but surprisingly when I did, there was no black streaks running down my face—an instant A+ for anyone who wears a liner on a daily. As a fan of their Microblade Pen Perfector as an eyeliner before because of its fine tip, their official Wing Flick Eyeliner (P448) is also worth a try.

The Slick Flick Duo is available at strokes.ph

Virago Liquid Eyeliner Pen by Teviant

As one of the trusted makeup artist of Heart Evangelista – Escudero who always has on the perfect cat-eye, Albert Kurniawan’s brand has the eyeliner to achieve it. Tried and tested through recreating Bella Hadid’s negative space cat-eye from Dior. Normally my vanity table would be scattered with eyeliner-mistake cotton swabs but because of the pigment and ultra-fine tip of Teviant’s eyeliner pen (P395) even a beginner can easily create a decent flick. By the end of the day, my liner game was still on fleek and it only washed out when I used my oil cleanser.

Available now at teviantbeauty.com

Liquid Eyeliner With Star Stamp by BYS Cosmetics

For those who love extra drama, felt tips eyeliners are the way to go and giving out bold and thick strokes is BYS’ Liquid Eyeliner with Stamp (P399). With a rendition of Miu Mius’s moody F/W ’20 runway look, it’s illustrative felt-tip and fast drying formula didn’t give any smudge or melt worries and easily recreated the exaggerated liner.

Follow them on Instagram @byscosmetics_ph for the latest news on their products.