We’ve Got Our Eyes Set On Calvin Klein’s Latest Fragrance

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The eyes are my favorite feature of a person’s face. When I was younger, they were my favorite thing to doodle whenever I was bored in class, attempting to give each one its own personality, whether it be through a wrinkle or longer lashes. There’s just something so intimate about the eyes, and obviously, I’m not the only one who is still in awe with them. Take your favorite poets and songwriters, who have described the feeling of drowning in the gaze of their lover. There was also that famous article on The New York Times, which talked about a study that succeeded in making two strangers fall in love: after answering a series of increasingly personal questions, the subjects then stared into one another’s eyes for four minutes. The result? The participants married six months later.

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Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance, Calvin Klein Women, shows to have a keen understanding of the power and unique allure of a woman’s eyes. What will immediately catch your attention is the bottle’s design, which features a circular bottle stopper with the image of a female eye, said to be looking outwards to the world. Aside from going with the scent’s theme, it also represents Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons’ love for contemporary art.

“In approaching the campaign for Calvin Klein Women I was curious to see if it was possible to create a different kind of image: an image that was both confident and empathic, where the female subjects could articulate and project their own identities,” artist Anne Collier says.

Like the eyes of every individual, each ingredient of Calvin Klein Women is respected and celebrated–from its top notes of eucalyptus acorns and mid notes of orange flower to its dry down of Alaskan cedarwood. The result is a unique woody floral that is light, feminine and dynamic at the same time.

To represent the new fragrance, the brand tapped two of today’s brightest actresses, Lupita Nyong’O and Saoirse Ronan. In addition to their impressive ability to bring truth to the characters they portray, the two simply own themselves and what it means to be a woman, inspiring us to do the same.

If someone were to look you in the eye right now and ask you what it means to be a woman, what would your response be?

Calvin Klein Women is available for P5998/10mL, P4898/50 mL and P3898/30mL.