Glued Eyelashes Are a Thing of the Past: Meet Your New Secret to Fuller and Safer Lashes

Full eyelashes are every girl’s beauty dream come true.

But making this a reality is time consuming and a hassle. Cutting up the false lashes to fit your eyes, applying glue to them, and waiting for it to dry can add time to your makeup routine. Not to mention the mishaps that can happen when you stick them on the wrong way and the risks when glue gets into your eyes. Why put yourself through all that when you can get voluminous lashes in a snap?

Blink to better lash days with magnetic lashes from Luxx Lash. Launched in November 2018, the brand is the first to bring this life-changing product to the country. It’s also the only beauty brand that provides premium magnetic lashes locally. Luxx Lash offers carefully handcrafted lashes made from hair-like silk fibers to mimic the look of natural, delicate lashes. Mastering the art of using these lashes can be pretty tricky at first. But once you get the hang of it, you can make your eyes pop in a flash! Simply place the top lash on top of your natural lashes and close to your lash line, and lock them in place with the bottom lash. Voila! Pretty peepers in two steps!

Aside from being glue-free, hassle-free, safer, and generally easy to use, these magnetic lashes can be used daily for up to two months or longer when cleaned and cared for properly. Choose your look from au natural to dramatic glam with Luxx Lash’s four styles: Bonita, Paige, Aeva, and Frida. 

Take your eyelash game to a revolutionary level, and cut down the time for your makeup routine with Luxx Lash.

To purchase their products or learn more, visit Luxx Lash’s website or follow them on Instagram

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