This Is How You Can Get Your Fashion And Beauty Shopping Fix While Following Protocol, Of Course

With limited spaces and movements in an extended state of quarantine, the focus on revamped shopping spaces online makes it very clear: digital is the way to go, even for the most stubborn and technologically-averse.

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At this point, it is completely useless to dream of things going back to the way they were. With everything that has painfully been unraveled by the pandemic in the past three months, we better have accepted the fact that moving forward, things will never be the same again. In fact, things are happening at an exhaustively fast rate that we are, as a human race, compelled to adapt with quicker reflexes, lest we get caught up in the violent viscosity of the quicksand reality we are treading everyday. Everything from complicated to the mundane have to go through a severe stringent of recalibration in order to not only meet demands, but to fundamentally survive as well. No soul and segment of society is spared, even the frivolous indulgence of shopping, non-essentially speaking.

The moment the world swallowed the bitter pill that the coronavirus has brought upon all of us, there was an aggressive shift in the way things operate. It was out wit the old and in with the new while under various forms of quarantine and isolation. Industries had to put precaution and protocols in place in order to function even at a most basic level. Everything from essentials such as groceries, restaurants, and pharmacies, to the more privileged affectations such as fashion and beauty fixes, a new order was adapted and processed for it to stay afloat in an already challenged economy.

Following the necessary adjustments accounting social and physical distancing, businesses have had to conduct their trade online, making it very clear: the future is digital. With precedents such as limited to contactless transactions, the typically visceral shopping experience has been reduced to the virtual plane. Now more than ever, brands have been working overtime to make sure that their transitions are seamless and that the customer satisfaction is not only at par, but better than it once was. This includes communicating a considerable variety of products available, accessible payment schemes, heightened safety measures, and of course, a smooth delivery schedule.

We know, the guilt of indulging in shopping for anything under the scope of fashion and beauty related is inescapable, but with no clear end to the madness of this catastrophic crisis, this might just be the way things will be for the foreseeable and perhaps even far future. So, with little to no choice, it is best to get fully acquainted with the new norm, because even when the world eases its restrictions down the line, the approach and convenience of shopping online will have been fully assimilated, even by the most stubborn and technology-averse. Believe us, it is already happening.

On the local front, we’ve rounded up gateways you can access for everything you might need from essential clothing, prescription eyewear, and even beauty drops that you have been eyeing. There is no stopping a true shopaholic, and with everything handled remotely and delivered to your doorstep, all your worries will be taken care of. All you have to do is browse, add to cart, pay, and wait. Before you know it, all you want and need is at your fingertips—literally. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping.


Proving that they truly have got it all for you, even from a distance, The SM Store is continuing to serve its customers while you stay at the safety of your homes. With ShopSM.Com and its Call To Deliver Service, you can avail of clothing essentials such as underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, active wear, and even PPEs from SM Woman, SM Men, and SM Youth.

Browse through the online product catalogue on the website or join the Stay-At-Home Essentials community on Viber where products are constantly uploaded and updated. It is important to note that orders are accommodated from 9 AM to 4 PM, with payments made through cash on deliver, credit/debit cards or bank transfers. As usual, delivery follows strict protocol and checkpoint restrictions, therefore expected times will differ.

To make things even more convenient, you can also reach out through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for further inquiries.


With all our time spent staring right into the glare of our computer and smartphone screens, it goes without saying that our eyes have gone through a lot of strain over the course of the past few months. If you find yourself squinting to see what is happening on your Zoom meeting then it might be high time to check if you need prescription glasses or if you already have one, you might need to upgrade to screen safe lenses. But wait, how does that work during a lockdown?

Well, taking safety and convenience into account, Sunnies Specs is opening up shop online with a new dot com address that covers everything from choosing from a wide range of frames and prescription lenses, booking virtual consultations with eye doctors, and best of all, having it delivered right at your doorstep wherever you may be in the country for free. Yes, you are reading that right and clear.

Seeing things have never looked this cool, honestly.

 Having just gone live today, be one of the first to give Sunnies Specs a warm digital welcome on their digital digs.


“With this move to become more active in the digital space, we expect to better serve the evolving needs of our existing customers, as well as attract new customers,” expresses Rustan’s Chairperson and CEO Zenaid R. Tantoco when their e-commerce site was recently launched. Little did she know that this would prove to be prophetic as following the mandate of Enhanced Community Quarantine, movements in every sense of the word has been extremely limited for good reason, of course. It couldn’t have come at a better time, too, because now more than ever, the demand for shopping online is at an all time high.

With a portfolio of over 100 brands for beauty, fashion, home, and kids, Rustan’s is not only committed to its retail vision, but is also going a step further by ensuring uncompromised safety for the services that they offer. While you are at liberty to shop from what is already available online, those considered non-essentials will have to wait until the ECQ is lifted. However, if you are looking for quality necessities, then you have come to the right place, because Rustan’s is making things even more convenient with its Essentials tab and contactless delivery within NCR and select Northern and Souther Luzon areas. Understanding that providing much-needed basics is of utmost importance during this most unique and challenging time, Rustan’s is making sure you are covered in the safest way possible. Whether it be skin or personal care, must-haves for mothers and children, small appliances, undergarments, and even fitness items, these are set to become the least of your worries. Now, you can focus on making sure you and your family are cared for and are healthy well within the confines of your home.

Be in the loop for deals, discounts, and day-to-day updates and new arrivals on their Instagram page.

Photo from @idealvision on Instagram


Remember how in this health crisis, we are reminded to not only was our hands but keep it out of our face and eyes? If it isn’t any clearer, caring for the eyes is also of utmost concern, what with our gazes fixed on many bright screens. With an urgency and focus on protecting the eyes, procuring eyewear, contact lens and solutions might be trickier with physical stores still closed under the Enhanced Community Quarantine. To provide aid and relief, Ideal Vision Center is bringing eye care to your doorsteps as it launches, an online platform for all optical and retail solution needs.

In this pioneer service for the brand, simply register your basic information, where upon completion, you will get Ideal Vision Center’s VIP Card for discounts and perks. Then, simply browse, add to cart, and have it processed for check out. There are choices of single vision eyeglasses or you can also upload your doctor’s official lens prescription for further accuracy for your eyewear. Following the protocols, Ideal Vision Center will deliver within 2-4 days upon order within Metro Manila.

 For further inquiries and updates, you can send a message to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photo from @lushcosmeticsph on Instagram


We know, part of the charm of the Lush brand is its sensory shopping experience with its explosion of color, texture, and most importantly, scent. However, with greater concerns to think about than a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Lush is making sure you take a piece of their wonderful world with you through its comprehensive website.

Hop on to for a diverse deep dive into its collection of ethical and effective skincare, hygiene, and self-care products that have truly made a name for itself beyond a quirky cult-favorite over the years. Of course, you can place your orders as you please, even for the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine where you can enjoy free shipping for orders within Metro Manila and Luzon for a minimum spend of P2500.

For more information and updates, you may subscribe to the Lush newsletter through the website and read through the FAQs page on ordering online.

Photo from @beautybarph on Instagram


Admit it, even in a state of isolation, nothing beats that special me-time where nothing comes in between you and your skincare and personal care needs. This is perhaps why in a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, these essentials have become all too important, especially with all the furrowing of our brows and late, late nights.

If you are running low on your go-tos and must-have, you better line up (virtually that is) for a restock at Check out their latest updates and inclusions and place in your order quick, as fulfillment of orders are accomplished every week. If you’re from Metro Manila, expect your beauty haul within 5 days and 10 days for the rest of Luzon.

For more product inquiries, you can get in touch with Beauty Bar through [email protected] or through Instagram and Facebook.

Photo from @maccosmeticsph on Instagram


Raring to get your hands on the moisturizing matte finish of the MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour and MAC Powder Kiss ultra creamy Eyeshadow in 17 and 10 high-impact shades respectively? How about the newly launched Max Factor Flexi-hold™ Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation, All Day Matte Panstik, and All Day Flawless Concealer? Well, if a good and irresistible beauty deal is what you’re looking for then look no further than the Lazada’s LazMall.

With an online experience that is pretty much like walking its real-life store, you get to self-navigate, study, and swipe through an arresting array of colors and collections in great ease. Just search for your favorite beauty brand or that release you have been eyeing and add to cart. And when you are ready, just hit check out and wait for your loot in the mail following the prescribed delivery date. All that is left to do then is to get your beauty game going, even at home. Hey, we need to look at the very least presentable for all those virtual meetings, digital hangouts, and selfies, right?

 For the latest beauty reveals, follow MAC Cosmetics and Max Factor on Instagram.

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