Get a Whiff of This: Jo Malone London's English Fields Collection
Get a Whiff of This: Jo Malone London’s English Fields Collection

Get a Whiff of This: Jo Malone London’s English Fields Collection

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Gourmand scents for the summer? Jo Malone London continues to buck trends and traditions with their latest collection, English Fields. The 5-piece collection features limited edition scents Poppy & Barley, Primrose & Rye, Oat & Cornflower, Greenwheat & Meadowsweet and Honey & Crocus.

The beauty of Jo Malone London scents is that it starts out from a specific British tradition or feature, but ends up being universally adored. Take for instance this latest collection of colognes, which has its roots from the variety of English grains and the pops of wild flowers that dot the lush pastures, but manages to evoke similar day dreams of long naps taken amid green pastures. Like many of the  brand’s colognes, there is an airy, translucent quality to each of the scents, making it a breeze to wear during the dog days of summer, as well as to layer them, creating your own unique fragrance. Going against the grain of using zesty citrus, juicy fruits and romantic florals for summer, the English Fields collection is distinctly gourmand, thanks to the unique notes and textures that the grains presented. Imagine sitting out in a terrace on a bright summer’s day, settling for afternoon tea, looking over  the countryside and inhaling the heady scent of the fields intermingling with the comforting aroma of a bread basket filled with flaky croissants, crunchy sourdoughs and creamy rolls fresh from the oven, spiked with jars of juicy jams, thick honey and overripe fruit.

Poppy & Barley 

“This smells like breakfast!” a fellow editor exclaimed. We can’t agree more. It’s subtle, sweet with just a touch of creaminess.


Primrose & Rye 

It’s a long walk along the fields on a summer’s day, with the barest touch of spice.


Oat & Cornflower

Perhaps the strongest of the collection, the sweetness of the grain is the highlight.


Honey & Crocus

The cloying quality of honey is absent, and in its place is a zest bowl of citrus fruits.


Green Wheat & Meadowsweet

Bracing and cool, this scent has a handsome quality.

Jo Malone London English Fields will be available on in all Jo Malone London Boutiques starting mid-March 2018