Get To Know Miss Universe PH Candidate Maria Corazon Abalos - MEGA
Get To Know Miss Universe PH Candidate Maria Corazon Abalos

Get To Know Miss Universe PH Candidate Maria Corazon Abalos

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Maria Corazon Abalos gets real on her past insecurity in this exclusive interview

This year’s Miss Universe Philippines is one of the pageant’s seasons that has a lot of strong candidates, one of them is Maria Corazon Abalos or simply Corrine…or “corn” according to her video introduction challenge. We may remember her as the sole candidate, the queen of all media, Kris Aquino herself openly showed to support to, she said, “Our relationship with her family goes all the way back pre-EDSA Revolution, plus her grandparents share the same initials as my dad (BSA) and my mom (CCA), then obviously alam nyo na Corrine Abalos has my full support for Miss Universe Philippines.”

Corrine is the daughter of Mandaluyong City Mayor Menchie Abalos, who joined Binibining Pilipinas in the past representing Cavite, while father is Benhur Abalos, who also served as mayor of Mandaluyong and is now the Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

However, many people would agree that the 23 year old candidate earned her spot way beyond her family background, instead, it was all because of her hard work and sincere personality that people can’t help, but be drawn to her.

Aside from the close relationship of their families, Aquino explained further on why Corrine is a worthy candidate, “I have never been afraid to make my choices known and since we do live in a democracy pwede kayong mag-disagree with me, but Corinne is a worthy candidate,” she said. “Corrine is educated in Poveda and she graduated from De La Salle University in 2019 with a degree in AB International Studies Major in European Studies. Definitely, hindi tayo mapapahiya sa Q&A.”

Pageant newbie

Corrine Abalos may seem to look like a pageant veteran because of how natural she is in all of her performances in Miss Universe Philippines’ challenges so far. It was recently revealed that she was actually the top pick of the judges for the headshot challenge.

Apparently, this is Abalos’ first ever pageant. When she was asked during her interview with MEGA of what she’s been up to before coming back to the Philippines, she shared that she went to Spain right after college and joined a program there where she taught English to Spanish children.

Finally back in the Philippines

According to her, joining pageant was not part of her initial plans when she came back to the Philippines, according to she took the time to carefully think of what she’s going to do next now that she’s back, but she thought to herself, if she’s not going to join now in Miss Universe, she might not be able to join at all. So, she mustered up her courage and pursue her childhood dream of becoming a beauty queen.

However, just like all strong confident women, she also had her share of insecurities that she needs to overcome, which is a medical condition she had ever since she was a kid. Watch her full interview below as she revealed what is it, and how she overcome it.


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