Thinking Of Getting That K-Beauty Look? Anne Curtis Let’s Us In On The Secret

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Putting together two of her biggest obsessions, Anne Curtis proudly takes us to her Korean-crazed world and introduces her latest collection for BLK Cosmetics. A no-fuss and uncomplicated take on makeup, the Limited Edition K-Beauty Collection is as she says, her most exciting one—yet.

It is no secret that Anne Curtis is crazy obsessed with almost anything and everything Korean. Stemming from a fascination for K-dramas, she has completely jumped the hallyu ship, doing everything from professing a school-girl-like crush for Gong Yoo of Goblin fame, visiting the locations of several of her favorite K-dramas, and even getting herself inked in Seoul. To top it all off, she has even snagged the attention of actor Lim Ju-hwan and Blackpink. No biggie.

Taking her fandom to the next level, Anne Curtis introduces her latest collection with BLK Cosmetics that hinges on the famed and oft-replicated K-style of beauty. With a choice of the easy-to-follow starter kit or individual products (BB + CC Cream Stick with Brush, Intense Color Liquid Eye Shadow, All-DAy Lip and Cheek Water Tint, Creamy Cheek Paint and All-Day Intense Matter Lipstick), fresh and dewy skin,flushed cheeks, juicy lips and doll-like eyes are an attainable possibility, especially with well-crafted quality products that will not break the bank. Featuring innovative formulas and unique applicators, BLK Cosmetics guarantees a breakthrough and uncomplicated beauty experience that is most definitely K-approved.

Following the launch of the BLK Cosmetics Limited Edition K-Beauty Collection, we sat down with the creative director herself for an exclusive Q&A:

What was your inspiration for this collection and when did you specifically come up and say, I have to do this K-inspired collection?

Of course, it’s been my obsession for over a year now. A lot of people who follow me will know this. So, it’s really where I drew inspiration from—watching all the k-dramas and seeing how flawless they always look and I just love how they piece together their looks. That’s what inspired me for my K-beauty collection.

What is about the K-beauty philosophy that you find most interesting and inspiring?

Keeping it uncomplicated. I mean, their skincare routine is maybe not so uncomplicated, but when it comes to their makeup, even when I visited to do research on some of their products, it’s so simple. Their products are very light. Nothing intense, except if you’re in the k-pop world. But mostly, it’s just light products.

After several collections now, do you still get nervous with every launch? Or are you now more comfortable this time around with this new facet of your career?

Yes, super. I mean, we’re only 5 months old, but it’s just crazy. I’m so thankful to everyone that keeps on tagging us. You know, they’ve gone on many travels and they bring their BLK lipsticks and they do their #blktravels and #blkaround the world and I’m like, “Whoa, this is crazy!”

How does it feel that in some sort of way, a part of you is traveling with all your customers and loyal patrons?

It makes me so proud that something was just conceptualized in my mind, the colors and talking to my partners, you see the people really appreciate it na parang, thank you. Thank you for tagging us along your trip.

Unlike before, where celebrities would only be a face of a beauty line, we have come to live in a day and age where you have the platform and ability to not only give it a voice, but to actually build a brand from the ground up. What are your thoughts that more and more personalities like you are taking things to their own hands and coming up with a brand that is completely true to who you are?

I guess it depends on what season you’re going ‘di ba? I think super duper Korean kasi ‘yung creamy cheek paint naming. It’s very highly pigmented kasi, so you don’t need to put so much. If you’re going during autumn I think it’s perfect. But then our water tints din kasi, all the four colors are so nice also. Anything between the two, those are my absolute must-haves.

Swipe through for a look at the rest of the K-Beauty Collection here:

The blk cosmetics Limited Edition K-Beauty Collection is exclusively available on BLK Cosmetics, and through Lazada, as well as blk’s first stand alone boutique in Trinoma Mall.