Get Natural with These 5 Nature-Powered Must-Haves
Go Natural with These 5 Nature-Powered Must-Haves

Go Natural with These 5 Nature-Powered Must-Haves

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Let Mother Nature answer all your beauty dilemmas with these simple essentials

Over the years, we have been switching to a natural lifestyle and making eco-conscious decisions. We have become more mindful of what we put on our body and skin—keeping the ingredients list as natural as possible. As more products plunge and shift to the all-natural route, we rounded up the top five nature-powered picks that we actually need:

1. Essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. From lavender oil, to tea tree oil, to rosehip oil, these powerful elixirs have been used in the beauty and wellness space for quite a long time.  For a quick skin relief or relaxation fix, a tiny bottle of an essential oil deserves a spot in our purse.

2. Organic Insect Repellent

Pesky bugs can be quite a bother especially in humid and tropical climate like ours. Banishing these insects is just a spray away with citronella oil. The plant-based product has a lingering fragrance mask that repels insects, without being toxic to humans and pets.

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3. Natural Whitening Deodorant

Being women, we want to have beautiful looking underarms. But sometimes we worry that a whitening deo might just do more harm than good because of the harsh chemicals it might contain. The new Rexona Natural Whitening combines licorice extract and vitamin E for naturally whiter underarms. Use it everyday for naturally beautiful underarms without the worry of breaking a sweat.

4. Lip Scrub

Some may skip this part, but exfoliating our lips is important to keep it plump and moisturized. Bid farewell to chapped and dry lips with an organic sugar lip scrub. As good as it tastes, these natural lip scrubs are insanely good for our pouts. Gently exfoliate the lips biweekly for a supple and kissable result.

5. Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are quickly becoming a staple in every household. As much as they’re perfect for our dental hygiene with its natural antimicrobial properties, it also works well for the environment because it naturally decomposes and leaves no harsh, toxic chemicals behind.

Have confidence with every movement. Rexona is available online through Lazada. For more information about Rexona, visit their website or follow their Facebook