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Get A Personal Shopper For Christmas

Get A Personal Shopper For Christmas

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Staying home for the holidays? Get a personal shopper to do all your Christmas shopping for you.

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Christmas shopping is one of the big traditions that has been waylaid by the pandemic. Many have turned to online shopping or even making their gifts, but surprisingly, the mall route is still viable—and safe—thanks to personal shoppers.

The idea of personal shoppers used to be exclusive to the likes of celebrities and royalty. But as people got busier and busier, technology got better and more available, and things like a pandemic happens, personal shopping has become more accessible.

Shop From Home

The SM Store is one of the major establishments offering the personal shopping service. Their Call To Deliver program offers a quick and easy way to do one’s Christmas shopping:

  1. Call #143SM (#14376). A customer service representative will take note of the following: preferred SM Store location, items for purchase, and mode of payment. Yes, credit cards and gift cards are accepted.
  2. A dedicated SM Store Personal Shopper will contact you within the hour through Viber. This is where they will send you photos of the items you are looking for, along with alternatives and prices.
  3. When you’ve finalized your shopping and given the address(es) for delivery, the Personal Shopper will inform you of the total (with a receipt), delivery fee, and the time to expect it. You can send gifts to multiple addresses or to yourself for a flat rate of P200 per delivery. If the items are bulky or out of the range of the mall, additional fees or a third party courier will be used. You will be informed of all of the prior fees to avoid surprises.
  4. Pay online via bank deposits, select mobile applications, credit card, gift cards or even COD (cash on delivery).
  5. Wait for your packages to arrive!

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Safe Gifting 

I was personally able to try the service and was delighted at how easy it was. The customer service reps were very accommodating and knowledgeable in giving recommendations. The Personal Shoppers on the ground were tirelessly giving alternatives and hopping from one floor to the next. Because I was paying with gift cards, I was told that a rider would come to swipe the cards first before the purchases were delivered. All of it happened in one day. Now, our Christmas tree is extra sparkly thanks to new ornaments, and the living room is more homey with snuggly throws and an electronic diffuser spreading calm via fragrant essential oils. I’m already thinking of my next round of shopping. Perhaps some beauty items to gift friends from SM’s well-stocked beauty department, educational toys for the kids and godchildren, and a few chic office accessories for my home office.

Now, it’s very different from our usual shopping experience. It’s a faster transaction if you know exactly what you want. In SM’s Call To Deliver program, items are limited to the SM Store, which offers a wide array of choices, covering fashion, beauty, kids, and homeware. They’ve definitely got it all for you.

For more information, visit the SM Store website