Gabbie Sarenas Writes A Love Letter To The Philippines Through Her Designs

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Already making an impact in the Filipino fashion industry, 2019 New PH Awardee Gabbie Sarenas talks about her eponymous label, inspirations, and goals.

Established in 2016, the local brand named after founder and designer Gabbie Sarenas has since released chic pieces that cater to Binibinis and Ginoos. Asking herself “What is the identity of Philippine design?” Gabbie Sarenas has found her niche and made an impact in the Filipino fashion industry—through introducing and re-introducing Philippine culture with her designs, as well as textiles used and handwork.

Launching her eponymous brand with a capsule collection called “Alamat,” using piña as the main textile for all the pieces, Gabbie Sarenas shares, “We are always inspired with our mission to write ‘A Love Letter to The Philippines’ through the form of using local textile and hand embroidery.” They are also continuously inspired through showcasing own representations of culture, art, experiences, and memories.

“I think the main difference is the point of view that I am presenting. The brand is very me and how I incubate ideas and turn it into concepts.”, says Gabbie Sarenas. To her, every design, embroidery, and handwork is personal—making sure every piece is special and will compliment every Binibini and Ginoo. As the brand grows, we can expect new pieces for their menswear and home line. Gabbie Sarenas is also continuously improving the brand’s womenswear line, experimenting and innovating to cater to their clientele’s taste, wants, and needs.

“I dream of growth in our savoir-faire all the time to present new and exciting techniques to our new and loyal clientele.” Gabbie Sarenas wants to expand her brand, building a strong fort in the Philippines. As well as building a lifestyle brand, Gabbie Sarenas aims to go global with her designs—to showcase Filipino culture, artistry, and creativity.