Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Secret To Staying Fresh All Day
Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Secret To Staying Fresh All Day

Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Secret To Staying Fresh All Day

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Considered to be one of the country’s rising stars, the multi-talented Gabbi Garcia has grown accustomed to a busy schedule. To help her power through and stay fresh the entire day, the beauty admits to having a new favorite staple. MEGA talked to Garcia to discuss her beauty secret and how she lives out a healthy, active lifestyle.

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MEGA: A girl like you surely has a lot on her plate. How do you manage to balance everything? 

Gabbi Garcia: I make sure to have time for everything, to manage my time when it comes to my work and my social life. I make sure that my schedule is arranged, and that I’m not consuming all my time for work. I always make it a point to have time in between work to spend time with my family and to do what I want to do, such as exercising and staying active.

M: Having said that, what are some ways you like to stay active?

G: I’m a very adventurous person. On weekends or most Sundays, when I have the time, I go trail biking with my dad or play Airsoft with him. Also, every summer, we go to the beach or we scuba dive- that’s how I maintain my healthy lifestyle.

M: We’re sure it is important for you to choose products that fit your lifestyle. Are there any specifics you look for in the products you use?

G:  Considering what’s happening to our environment right now, I feel like we all should switch to products that use organic and natural ingredients. It’s not just in support for my body positivity or for my health but also for mother earth.

Garcia goes on to talk about her new favorite from one of the top deodorant brands in the country–Rexona’s new Natural Whitening Deo.

M: What makes Rexona’s Natural Whitening Deodorant different? What do you personally like about it?

G: I personally like it cause it’s made with organic and natural ingredients, particularly licorice extract and Vitamin E from Sunflower Oil to prevent dark marks on our underarms. It doesn’t harm both the earth and our skin. Plus, both variants, Fresh Rose and Fresh Sakura, smell so good!

During a recent trip to Sorsogon, Garcia and fellow Millennial It Girls such as Lauren Young, Joyce Pring, Issa Pressman and Chi Gibbs got to test out the product for themselves. From activities such as a nature trail and a yoga sessions, the girls discovered the benefits of being powered by nature.

The new Rexona Natural Whitening Deo is available at P92 and comes in two variants: Fresh Rose and Fresh Sakura. For more information on the product, visit