This Is What Beauty Products Will Most Likely Be In The Future

Since the beauty industry involves not just us, but the planet we live in, a necessary adaptation means fostering innovation to meet the common needs of both.

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If you really are to ask us where the beauty industry is situated in the midst of the pandemic, we must say it remained as an essential. Now more than ever, our emotional and physical being demands for self-care. Beginning from when we keep our immunity strong with vitamins, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle, it is during these trying times that we shouldn’t leave out the therapeutic and empowering activities we do such as skincare, haircare, and glamming ourselves with makeup.

From the adverse effects brought by the pandemic, beauty brands are touching up on innovation to soothe our skin, taking into high consideration our barely breathing planet, of course. For everyone to view the beauty industry as a need more than a want, it continues to rise and furthers its function. While a lot has inclined to give greater attention to skincare, makeup brands are dispersing more skincare-infused products, which means getting the best of both worlds indeed. As beauty brands adapt to the new normal and tweak their incoming products, this is what the future of beauty industry will look like.

Sustainability and Upcycling

While plastic waste is commonly present in a lot of beauty products, brands are branching out to use more sustainable containers and promoting upcycling. (Upcycling turns supposed trash into something usable.) Instead of throwing out empty beauty jars, cans, and bottles, you can transform it into either a vase or accessory holder to reduce waste, or for some brands, re-use it to refill your favorite go-to products.

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Phygital beauty

Unless it’s already a tried-and-tested product, purchasing a beauty product still requires physical testing. However, brands are slowly trying to quit testers due to possible germ contamination. The beauty industry was quick to develop and offer a new approach. Here enters phygital (physical + digital) beauty where customers can try a product virtually and assess whichever suits them. Glossier is one of the brands to implement this strategic execution.


If we are going to take a close comparison among new beauty brands in the market, from the likes of Rihanna’s Fenty Skin and Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty, we can notice how each of them are investing into creating more cruelty-free, vegan-free, and gluten-free products. Meaning to say, these skincare and makeup products did not harm any animals during the process and it contains no harmful chemicals that could negatively affect the skin. As a responsible beauty shopper, we should be looking into products that have these tags and labels.

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Personalized haircare

Simply put, hair is the crowning glory. No matter how the messy hair trends are put to spotlight, we can not deny the fact that a tamed hair is what we always try to achieve. Having a good hair day as a result of a personalized haircare is a total mood-changer. As simple as sniffing a fragrant hair to finger brushing it without any tangles can instantly boost confidence.

Dose of Sun Protection

SPF ingredients are no longer limited to sunscreens and sunblocks. You can now spot products like hydrating face mist and foundations that are loaded with SPFs. Besides the fact that it could make our life way easier, putting SPF in every layer of product we apply is certainly what protects our skin given this unpredictable weather.

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