Funny Designer Products We Didn’t Expect These Brands Would Create

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Think they’ve done it all? See all the ironic and funny designer products that actually exist.

Whether you admit it or not, all of humanity has benefited from creative innovations—from simple yet sturdy concrete bricks, safety pins, to condoms. And if you’ll look at the common denominator of these products, it’s that they are very accessible by the public, especially considering its prices.

But as time progressed over the years, with the economy is slowly going on an upward trend, we were surprised that some brands actually created the exact same products, but selling it for really expensive price points. Now, even if that was the case, believe us or not, people are still buying it. We’re just not sure why. However, in case you want to have a good laugh, here are all the funny designer products that we didn’t expect to see from storied fashion houses.

YSL Condoms (USD 2.20)

Tiffany & Co Bubble Wand (USD 150)

Supreme Brick (USD 40)

Chanel Boomerang (USD 1725)

Prada Paper Clip (USD 185)

Christopher Kane Zip Ties (USD 30)


BONUS: Nordstrom Rock (USD 85)