From The Academy, To The Market: Where Stars Should Rewear Couture

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If we could wear Valentino while getting vaccinated, we would. This is how the stars should rewear their 2021 Oscars Red Carpet looks.

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This year’s Oscars Red Carpet was stunning– no doubt about it. We saw Academy Award winners strutting in the best couture money could buy. Literally, these gowns are expensive. Carey Mulligan’s golden Valentino gown was the final piece in Pierpaolo Piccoli’s Spring 2021 collection. This means that the dress could go for around $8,000 (P400,000). Imagine buying a dress like that. It’s almost like buying a wedding gown– gorgeous, memorable, but only worn once. But, maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe it’s time to normalize wearing couture. Perhaps then, these actors would start getting a bang for their buck. So, Zendaya, Regina, Renée, if you’re reading this, start taking down notes.

Zendaya getting vaccinated in Valentino
Nothing screams happiness more than Zendaya’s neon gown conceptualized by Luxury Law and Pierpaolo Piccoli. And, we’re sure there could be no moment more joyous then getting vaccinated. See you never, COVID!

Regina King registering to vote in Louis Vuitton
We would vote for Regina King if she wore her Louis Vuitton gown for her campaign material. Alas, she has chosen to be an actress. She can just rewear it to register instead.

H.E.R. riding the MRT in Dundas
Aside from being beautiful, this look is also very practical. Girl, you know you got to wear pants during public transit. We applaud H.E.R. for snatching an Oscar as a practical queen.

Renée Zellweger reporting via Zoom in Armani Privé
We could not unsee Bridget Jones hosting for her publishing company’s book launch. She had the cue cards, the quirky grin, but was missing the frumpy frock. Alternatively, she wore Armani Privé, which is a thousand notches forward for our favorite singleton.

Celeste buying groceries in Gucci
Heart Evangelista may have done it first, but Celeste doesn’t mind following her footsteps. She’s above that. She’s also looking for a new heart in the poultry area. She could also use the look the scare unaware shoppers in the grocery.

Laura Dern visiting the zoo in Oscar de la Renta
Nothing could be more dramatic than Laura Dern’s feathered Oscar de la Renta gown. To think about it, the only thing that could be as dramatic as this dress is are a pack of Ostriches. Laura could even post a #Twinning look with the exotic bird.