From Beginning To End: The Making MEGA JaDine Story

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Today should’ve marked JaDine’s anniversary, but for one last time, we take a look back at where it all started, and unfortunately, to where it all ended.

Even if James Reid and Nadine Lustre are now officially over, it’s still safe to say the duo had been one of the strongest love teams that ever existed. From box-office films, iconic and trending teleseryes, to making music altogether, we can’t deny the fact they have exhibited the kind of relationship goals we all wanted for ourselves. However, we also can’t forget that they’re not otherworldly—they’re humans, just like us. They have great skills, immense creative knowledge, and most importantly, feelings that demand to be recognized and felt.


It was four years ago when James and Nadine confirmed their relationship. It’s still clear in our memory when they told us about their current status in their first-ever Making MEGA in Greece. As a matter of fact, it was on August 15, 2016, when they had their sit-down interview with the team.

Making mega jadine

If you’ll rewatch the documentary once more, the first question asked was with James: “Tell me about your relationship,” to which you’ll see that his eyes suddenly lit up as he smiled. On the other hand, when Nadine was asked, “Who is James in your life?” it was quite evident there was this kilig she felt, knowing that her beau was right there in front of her at that moment. So, she answered: “He’s my best friend.”

Making mega jadine

The duo shared that it was during their shoot for On The Wings Of Love when they first had a spark in their relationship. “It was San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, everything was perfect,” Nadine explained. “I asked him, ‘why? Are you in love?’ then he nodded and smiled.” That simple answer signaled the birth of a great couple who’ll make waves together in every industry that they tapped. There was just this undeniable magic between them.

Coming Full Circle

Fast forward to the present, just when everyone thought that they were already meant for each other, rumors spread like wildfire claiming they split up a few days before the holiday festivities. A few weeks after, the two finally confirmed the truth via a late-night TV show, but shed more light on their interview for their second go at Making MEGA.

This time around, the shoot’s setting was where we first started the Making MEGA series, in Brazil. And coincidentally, it’s also the shoot where they first confirmed their relationship, hence, we are truly coming to a full circle.

“A lot has happened since Greece…it’s been crazy. I’ll tell you it’s been very difficult. But it’s been a really good learning experience for me,” James shared during his interview for Making MEGA in Rio. “I’m kind of taking things in my own hand—besides taking care of myself and own career.”

As for Nadine, she admitted that last year a was a daze for her. She found herself on autopilot with everything that she does, until she realized she needed to change things from that moment on—regardless of her fears. And that fear included making the big decision. Yes, that decision. 

Making mega jadine

“I gave myself an ultimatum: 2020 will be your year,” Nadine optimistically declared on her interview with MEGA in Rio. “You have to get back up and start working…I let myself be like that because after a few weeks of being in that place, I will be in a better one. And this is the better place.”

James and Nadine had an undoubtedly great run together in both their career and love. While they may have decided to part ways, they still remain good friends towards each other. Maybe they just need a time apart from each other to really grow individually, or perhaps they were only meant to cross paths to teach each other an important lesson in their own lives. But, regardless of what the future holds, we can say with confidence that the two will surely remain thankful for being each other’s best friends.