Four Ultimate Women, One Solution For Youthful Skin That Lasts

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No matter what industry path you’re on, one thing is for certain: skin aging should not slow you down

Have you ever stopped and thought about your next major milestone in life? Is it getting an extra zero at the end of your monthly pay, or is it securing a safe haven for your family? Whatever that may be, you must accept that the path towards your penultimate goal will not be a walk in the park. The journey will be littered with seemingly inevitable obstacles to slow you down, no matter what industry you’re in. Yes, grit can make you power through and overcome them, but what about the natural occurrences that are truly inescapable? Here’s a glaringly obvious one: skin aging.

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As the years go by, your bodies start to show signs of aging, with the most visible ones being on our skin. Fine lines start to form around the eyes and mouth, and dark spots appear–some unfortunately in the most obvious places.

Whether you’re a home maker, a digital enthusiast, someone who is out-and-about, or even an at-home worker, skin aging is an issue you should attend to as early as possible so it won’t be a burden later on. We’ve compiled four astounding beauties from different professional backgrounds and see how their love for their craft encouraged them to fight skin aging.

The Star of the Silver Screen, Aubrey Miles


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A post shared by AUBREY MILES (@milesaubrey) on Jun 10, 2020 at 1:24am PDT

Right from the get-go, Aubrey has always been interested in various forms of self-expression. During her years in university, she dappled in voice and music, but soon landed roles for film. With blockbuster hit after hit, she quickly garnered features from magazines and television shows. In just a few years, she rose from local pageantry to being a certified nationwide beauty.

Of course, a career of always being in front of cameras has made her conscious about her beauty. A quick look at her social media shows that she’s upping her fitness game along with her partner Tony. But for a complete beauty fix in her forties, she adds Myra Ultimate to her daily regime as it helps maintain skin elasticity and tone. Plus, it also comes with moisture-retention properties that protect skin from photo-aging and sunburn–perfect for a woman going in-and-out of the house.

The Showbiz Veteran, Pia Guanio


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A post shared by Pia Guanio-Mago (@piaguanio_mago) on Jul 6, 2020 at 5:26am PDT

It takes skill to be a woman on the mic. For Pia, however, this couldn’t come more naturally. As a broadcasting student and a regular on the radio, she had the right set of tools to transition later on to become a news anchor and noontime show co-host.

Being in the entertainment industry has its fair share of duties, such as meeting new people every single day. That’s why Pia ensures that her appearance is always in its best–that means having smooth skin and an even complexion. Through her fitness routines, balanced diet, and Myra Ultimate, Pia can continue to engage with different circles in society and make smiles happen, with youthful skin to boot.

The Business Beauty, Phoemela Baranda


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For the past few years, Phoemela has been a scintillating presence on numerous features and events, and why would she not be? Modelling since the age of 13, and after a memorable run as an anchor on the nightly news, she has developed a passion for maintaining beauty and living a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, she’s not afraid to share her journey as she regularly posts updates on her latest routines online.

It’s no wonder that she now manages a beauty lounge and a yoga studio alongside her modelling career. And as a mom, making sure that she stays as an example of confidence to her family is key. That’s the kind of dedication she embodies–one that not only ensures her figure is in top condition, but also sharing these opportunities to others.

The Femme for Fashion, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales


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A post shared by Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez (@insteegee) on Jun 6, 2020 at 11:13pm PDT

A true woman of style and glamour, Tweetie has been continuously evolving her craft since she first starred on magazine covers as a model. Now, she’s taken the other side of fashion and imparts agents of style through handmade jewelries and trinkets. With a very nature-forward and boho-chic appeal, her accessories are just like her allure–timeless.

Embodying timelessness can seem daunting, but for Tweetie, adding Myra Ultimate to her daily activities makes sure she stays beautiful for longer. Myra Ultimate helps reduce the skin’s wrinkling and sagging through the production of collagen, giving skin that extra smoothness and glow. As a beauty supplement, Myra Ultimate is compact and convenient to carry in a purse, perfect for when she’s dropping by her retail stores and pop-ups around town.

Skin ageing may be inevitable, but with Myra Ultimate, skin can stay youthful for longer. Conquer the path you’re in and take on more opportunities that come your way. For more information on Myra Ultimate, visit their website.