Why We Think Giving Flowers Needs No Occasion

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In these harrowing times, gestures of kindness, love, and appreciation have never been more important. Flower Style PH remains steadfast in helping you do just that, occasion or not. If you were waiting for a sign to give a loved one some flowers, this is it.

Flowers first gained their symbolic connotations when the Greeks and Egyptians used them as offerings in their ancient rituals. History seems to have tweaked the meanings, as flowers nowadays assume the role of being ornaments to our various occasions. When catastrophic world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic strike however, one has to wonder: should the feelings that echo inside us really have to wait for the next wedding, birthday or valentine’s day, to be expressed? With that floating in your head, we find no true reason for you not to get your special someone a nice bouquet of flowers today, occasion or not. 

Luckily, brands like Flower Style PH are committed to producing the finest floral arrangements, decorations and gifts in the country, while leaving a personal touch of service in attending to their every patron’s needs.

No plans to push up daisies

Despite their seemingly eternal mystique, flowers are not lifeless ornaments. They are an essential body part of plants, culled for the sole purpose of our enjoyment. While efforts to keep the industry tenable despite our ailing environment are constantly being pursued, the pricelessness of these god-given creations remains the same. Therefore, buyers like us need to think carefully about the gravity of the sentiments we wish to express—not the occasion involved—before getting a nice posy of sunflowers. 

This is precisely why Flower Style PH is committed to bringing you only the absolute best products in the industry; so as to not squander the exquisite—but ephemeral— beauty of flowers. Opened in 2010 by Mrs. Jay Bulaclac-Thevenin, the brand provides a vast range of offerings in their catalogue for almost any event you can think of. Whether you need them in a bouquet, vase or basket, the shop’s sleek online store has it set for you. 

Although Flower Style PH did admit that it has only recently committed to keeping their production process as sustainable as possible, it does its part in other ways. The young trademark is envisioning a plastic-free, recyclable packaging policy soon. They also support local, harvesting a majority of their flowers from greenhouses in Baguio, Mindanao, and Tagaytay, ensuring minimal carbon emissions.

The cutting edge

While Flower Style PH’s website is filled to the brim with products stemming from the best local sources in the country, the shop is also one of the elite few that import from a variety of flower-loving countries such as France, Ecuador, and Holland. 

A favorite in the catalogue is the Fleurs Éternelles or eternal flowers. These specially preserved roses will remain as fresh and beautiful as when they were cut, lasting for a period of three to five years. That may not be jaw-dropping to some. Those however, who are aware of just how long locally-picked flowers stay fresh without employing the various preserving techniques to keep them pristine, do see that as an eternity.

Accompaniments matter

Receiving flowers might just make even the most downtrodden of fellows break a wide smile every once in a while. For special measures, though—let’s say an elaborate “I’m Sorry” gift to a loved one you may have trespassed recently—you might want to add a little extra to really sweeten up the message. If that’s what you need, say no more. Flower Style PH not only offers great floral arrangements; they also provide a breadth of options for non-flower gifts apart from the usual culprits like teddy bears and chocolate. 

One of these offerings is the AZUR France Fragrance collection, a selection of perfumes hailing from the l’Hexagone itself. Contained in quaint, little figurines of the Eiffel Tower, you can grab these perfumes in five variants; with a price range of PHP 600.00 to PHP 2,900.00.

Expressing genuine love or appreciation to others has always, and will always be essential to our humanity, pandemic or not. The magic resides in what ways we decide to express it. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you want to do more than just utter a couple of fleeting words, at least now you have the option of getting your loved one an elegant, pleasant-smelling surprise that will last an eternity in memory, and perhaps even five years in a vase.

Have we convinced you to buy your lola some carnations yet? Or maybe daisies for your sister? In any case, make sure to check out Flower Style PH by following them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also pay a visit to their official online store here.