Flawlessly U, Flawlessly You: Embracing Filipina Beauty
There’s Only One Step To Make You Embrace Your Filipina Beauty

There’s Only One Step To Make You Embrace Your Filipina Beauty

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So often, we admire other women for their beauty. It’s a talent for us Filipinas, to spot who and what looks good. We aren’t shy to express this appreciation for people we find beautiful. But what we don’t often realize is that we admire people too much for their beauty that we forget about our own. Instead, when we look at ourselves, we ask: Why am I not like them?

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Seeing the best in others is good, but it can become a problem when the admiration turns into an unhealthy comparison of one standard of beauty and physical trait to another. We have to remember that beauty doesn’t come in one shape or form. Beauty is about being healthy and having a positive outlook on yourself.

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Thankfully, more and more people are widening their perspectives on what is beautiful or flawless. It is empowering to know that beauty has evolved into being comfortable and happy with yourself, whatever version it may be. This is due to no small part of the internet, which allows people from around the world to connect with each other on so many levels—and as a result, learn and grow together. Thanks to social media movements that help redefine our standards of beauty, everything from positivity campaigns, diversity in sexuality, age, and disability inclusion, among others. And where best do we learn this today than through our favorite social media idols?

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While we admire these women for being as unapologetic as they are, so must we be with ourselves. Whatever and how many flaws we magnify in ourselves, we must embrace it as part of who we are. No one can tell us otherwise. Only self-appreciation will push us to take care of our overall well-being.

One of the simplest ways that a Filipina can take care of herself is by having a good skincare routine.

But investing in one should be best-done with a brand that has the same outlook for every Filipina. Take for example, Flawlessly U. Apart from being affordable, Flawlessly U products are infused with Papaya and Calamansi extract, two potent ingredients that bring out naturally fair, smooth and moisturized skin. The best part of about it, the soap, lotion, and facial cleanser take good care of all types of skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.

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That ‘beauty is about health’ conversation is a discussion that needs to keep going. Feeling good and taking care of our bodies should be a goal for every single Filipina. Giving yourself enough care, exercise, sleep, water, and sustenance should be part of all of our daily to-do lists. Because when we feel good, only then do we exude positivity.

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As the year progresses, so must all of us. This progress will only continue if we consistently have a positive opinion of ourselves. In doing so, we can bring out the best in others too. Naturally, being happy and healthy will bring out the beauty of every Filipina.