Five Pandemic Beauty Trends We Spotted In The Oscars
Five Pandemic Beauty Trends We Spotted In The Oscars

Five Pandemic Beauty Trends We Spotted In The Oscars

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Is Margot Robbie sporting the TikTok fringe? Find out what other pandemic beauty trends award-winning actors wore in the Oscars.

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We all have our own quarantine makeover story. Whether it’s swiping on a red lipstick on day 525,600 in quarantine or letting your natural hair take reign, there’s something we changed up in our beauty routine for sure—including our Oscar-winning actors. In this year’s 93rd Academy Awards, Hollywood’s brightest stars decided to showcase their beauty in a very relatable manner. For instance, we saw Margot Robbie sporting a fringe that could rival TikTok’s Addison Rae. In addition to this, we also saw a number of stars giving us the skinimalism trend on the red carpet. Makeup who?

Overall, it was such a treat to see A-Listers incorporate relatable trends that emerged during the pandemic. In a way, it shows a universal journey towards new normal beauty trends. Thus, it is only fitting that we enumerate our top five favorite pandemic beauty trends that we spotted on the Oscar’s red carpet.

The Fringe
2020 was the year of the curtain bangs. 2021 is the year of the fringe. Halle Berry and Margot Robbie were on the front line of this trend during the Academy Awards. The only difference is that Berry’s fringe was a tad on the full side, while Robbie’s was a lot more wispy.

Return of the Reds
You can never go wrong with a little rouge. Any lazy beauty junkie would know that a red lip is the quick solution to looking dressed up. Many have been looking towards lipsticks to spice up a Zoom call look or an Oscar ready getup. On this occasion, it was Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Kirby, Maria Bakalova, and Angela Bassett who wore red lips to the Academy Awards.

Natural Hair
Gone are the days when straight was the only acceptable hair texture in show business. Now, celebrities are embracing their natural hair by wearing their curly hair to big award shows. The natural hair movement has been going on for years, but has really kicked off during the pandemic because of the lack of open salons. We see Viola Davis and Andra Day spearheading this look during the big night.

It’s time to go au naturel for the 93rd Academy Awards. Gone are the days of caked up faces, heavy contouring, and smokey eyeshadows. We are now looking towards a more minimalistic beauty look. This means letting your brows grow, allowing your skin to breathe, and adding in a bit of gloss. Celebrities, Zendaya and Laura Dern, all tried the skinimalism trend on the red carpet.

Braided Locks
We don’t want to look at this as a trend, but more as a movement towards cultural acceptance. For a very long time, people of color have been judged for wearing their hair in braids during special events. Now, the Oscars represents a dozen of women wearing their braided locks. We see Chloė Zao, Charlese Antoinette, and Kelley Carter wearing a head full of braids.