How Filipinos Are Coping Through The Quarantine With Memes And Humor
How Filipinos Are Coping Through The Quarantine With Memes And Humor

How Filipinos Are Coping Through The Quarantine With Memes And Humor

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While in no way should we take the COVID-19 outbreak lightly or as a joke, but considering Filipino’s natural tendency to insert some humor, people are shaking things up a bit and cracking some memes whilst still being aware. 

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There’s no denying how Filipino humor gets us every time. From witty analogies to even TikTok videos relating to Covid-19, nothing slaps hard than laughter. Without the intention of fostering insensitivity, Filipinos are spreading a bit of fun during this time of panic and alarm. A necessary exhale to the accumulation of anxiety and distress, this coping mechanism really does the trick, even for just a while.

Starting with the implementation of the work-from-home scheme in accordance with the enhanced community quarantine, people were quick to crack jokes about jobs that might not be suitable to be actually brought home. It’s really hard to imagine how an embalmer can bring home the work, right?

@chayweeLet us pray to the patron saint of handwashing; Be Confident, soap up and rinse! ##FightAgainstCoronaVirus♬ original sound – ReyoSusbilla

As they say these days, “if you’ve run out of things to do already, start doing your own TikTok videos.” Not only you can be entertaining to others and to yourself, but you can also spread awareness on what to do during the lockdown. Take it from celebrity hairstylist, Jay Wee who instead of singing a song while washing his hands, copied the question and answer portion of Janina San Miguel during her Binibining Pilipinas performance.

Here’s a proof that Filipinos are not just as united as the Italians, we are also humorous. In this town in Quezon City, the residents did a parody of Italians’ chorus on Lady Gaga’s Shallow. But since we prefer to stick to OPM, the neighbors harmonized and sang Sex Bomb’s Spaghetti.

Eating homecooked meals every day is one of the best things about staying at home for a month. In fact, it’s helping us save. However, are you one of those who are guilty for being picky about what to eat despite the outbreak? Or simply low-key of taking a moment of silence, thinking of what to eat the next day?

How about going a little extra and build your own cheerdance routine with only yourself? A pyramid consisting only of yourself? Well, with trendy filters, nothing’s impossible.

@benandbenmusicTara ##duet? One way to fight COVID-19 together is to frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds. ##fyp ##foryoupage ##benandbenmusic ##covidー19 ##handwashtunes♬ original sound – Ben&Ben

@andreabrillantes12🙏🏼 ingat po sa lahat ##fyp##loveinthetimeofcorona♬ something newwww – nianaguerrero

If you’re tuning in on your favorite TikTokers, you’ll notice trending hashtags like Love in time of Corona and Handwash Tunes to remind everyone of the safety measures during the Covid-19 outbreak in a very entertaining manner. We’re never getting tired of reminding one another to wash their hands and Filipino boy bands like SB19, Ben & Ben are telling us to keep washing our hands with their songs. Andrea Brillantes is also giving us notes on sanitizing our hands and what else to do for the rest of the month.

@gmapublicaffairsStay strong sa ating lahat! 💪🏼 ##gmapublicaffairs ##tiktokinvasion ##loveinthetimeofcorona ##covid19 ##ldr ##foryourpage ##fyp ##xyzbca ##goodvibes♬ Hindi Tayo Pwede – The Juans

@heyitzjeymzQuarantine? No problem lets do this new trend😂❤️ ##coronavirus ##loveinthetimeofcorona ##foryou ##dance ##coronadance♬ original sound – Jamez❤️

We definitely can relate to the Crash Landing On You finale when the government issued an initial community quarantine. With the enhanced community quarantine and social distancing in order, we’re sure you already miss your S.O. Check Lovi Poe trying to show some affection through an emotional TikTok video. And it’s only time to forget renegade, this new dance trend is really comically relevant. Go ahead and try the corona dance challenge yourself.

Now that you’re already at it, keep scrolling for more memes, jokes, and doses of laughter until you’re *gasp* all caught up on social media updates. Meanwhile, there is a blackhole of side-splitting videos for you to keep busy with until you fail to keep track of time. Or better yet, create your own TikTok account and upload your own versions goofy moments or timely parodies.

If this is how you feel right now, well, you can’t blame them after having so much fun.