Feeling A Little Bummed Out? These Scents Will Not Only Make You Smell Good, But Feel A Bit Better, Too
Feeling A Little Bummed Out? These Scents Will Not Only Make You Smell Good, But Feel A Bit Better, Too

Feeling A Little Bummed Out? These Scents Will Not Only Make You Smell Good, But Feel A Bit Better, Too

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There may nowhere else to go as of the time being, but precaution doesn’t mean foregoing a little spritz of sensorial scents to make you feel a little bit good everyday, right?
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At this point, perhaps it is safe to assume that we have foregone a lot of things: the will to consistently to care and well, trousers, among a whole lot of things. Trust us, we totally feel you in this stretched out state of stupor, especially when much looks pretty bleak on the horizon where hope threatens to dangle from plain view. However, as the days continue to blur in apparent ambiguity, it is important to anchor ourselves in seemingly mundane day-to-day routines to keep us moored to reality.
So sure, for argument’s sake, we will presume that you have at least taken a shower already, and that you have decided on a uniform of comfort to armor yourself in yet another battle with what comes next for this already tired and highly tempestuous year. But does it have to stop there before you go on with the rest of your day? You might be in a funk or a little bummed out, which is a fact of our lives we have to come to terms with, but that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything about it. While the greater strides will take a formidable deal of mental and emotional strength to hurdle, there are ways to inch ourselves out of a morose moment. You’ve already had a cold dose of reality with the pricks of torrential hydration, why not elevate the state of cleansing further with a whiff of scents that will not only make you smell good, but encourage you to feel a bit better, too. It’s not a long-term solution by any means, but a likely pick-me-up that a choice of fragrance is set to take you from okay to yay in a few spritzes.
Indulgent as it may seem, it could spell the difference from a good day to one that could potentially be great. So, while tensions may run high or anxiety skyrockets in quarantine, you can always spray, delay, and walk away from it with an invigorating new scent that will lift your mood and spirit. Who knows, maybe this much-needed shakedown and boost is all you’ll need to keep things clear and conscious as we write out this chapter of our collective histories.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of the senses, Mr. Tom Ford leaves no stone unturned. In a continuing series of audacious fragrances, he takes us to a very personal journey to his very own rose garden. Harvesting a bouquet of rare rose notes, such as the Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, and the legendary Rose de Mai, seductive and intoxicating, this is far beyond the grasp of a geriatric’s penchant for the scent. Sharp and spicy, Rose Prick warms up with Sichuan pepper, Indonesian patchouli, turmeric, and tonka bean, which form a lingering base that is sensitive, seductive, and deliriously hedonistic. If this how his rose garden grows then Mary, Mary, quite contrary, we are all but ready and willing to grow this rhyme of romance out and bask in the glory of its tantalizing temerity.

Look, if you’re going to name a scent after the singular extreme of the numeric system, then you better guarantee it is worthy of being deemed as such. There is a reason why many hopeless romantics harp for the one in their lingering laments of longing. Fortunately, Dolce & Gabbana pretty much lives up to this proposition with it’s The One range, a magnetic brotherhood of scents that are as charming and refined as its predecessors, especially with this latest release, The One for Men Eau de Parfum Intense. A significant swish and swirl of daring opposites, this bold and brave fusion is a fascinating extreme that lights up with luminous intrusions of golden neroli essence, fresh cypress, and aromatic cardamom. An expression of enigma, The One bears the heart of musky cashmeran grounds, calming clary sage, and resinous benzoin, before relenting to a sensual settle of deep black leather, sweet and spicy patchouli, and cistus labdanum for good measure. Addictive and intoxicating at every incremental whiff, it definitely measures up in the statistics of scent.

Here’s the thing about love: While literature has long led us to believe that it is a one-shot, at-first-sight-and-it’s-real kind of thing, we have since dispelled that notion, figuring out that it is something that grows and evolves over time. Much like the oft-talked about and dissected concept of l’amour, Dolce & Gabbana takes inspiration from it, crafting a fragrance that speaks about love in its piercing sweet glory. Evoking a summer kind of romance, Light Blue Love Is Love takes precedence from the iconic Light Blue and Light Blue Pour Homme scents, bolstering that signature woody and musky core that is swirled with vibrant notes of citrus and crisp Granny Smith apple. Contrasting this freshness is an unraveling of passion and sensuality in a twist of apple gelato, rosemary, pink pepper notes, bergamot, amber wood, and vanilla. And just like the great love that it is inspired by, this scent settles to a sense of comfort that eases in poetic gradience, glowing with ephemeral warmth that latches and lingers well standing the test of time.

As an Italian heritage house, Salvatore Ferragamo is known for many things, fashion and fine leather goods for example. But more than that, perhaps not many know that the brand has come up with a consistently charismatic collection of scents that have gained it a loyal following. Always on the pursuit of the confident and courageous man’s journey through life, Salvatore Ferragamo swerves into the lane of an instinctive free-thinker, whose unstoppable creative and unquenchable curiosity has given birth to the idea of Ferragamo, a contemporary fragrance that is made for a man of sharp contrasts. Strong and sentimental, the indulgent and harmonious blend intertwines a deliriously decadent citrus woody accords with bergamot, lemon, violet leaves, leather, as well as of musk and vetiver. This radiant explosion evokes a sensorial experience that is unexpected and vibrant, but also gentle and graceful to the settle.

Provocative, evocative, and daring, Nars introduces its very first signature scent, aptly christened Audacious Fragrance. A creative collaboration with Olivia Giacobetti, this foray into the perfume segment is a realization of abstracted contrasts. Light and dark with its intrusions of heady musk, as well as sensual and liberated with wispy smokes of incense, the scent is an ode to liberated expression, boasting of a bold coming together of White Frangipani, Tiare flower, Sandalwood with unexpected hints of Ylang Ylang and White Cedar Essential Oil. Minimal and modern, the unique embodiment of audacity is a worthy extension of François Nars’ unequivocal vision.