Fashion Has Its Arms Wide Open For the Maxi Skirt Comeback
Fashion Has Its Arms Wide Open For the Maxi Skirt Comeback

Fashion Has Its Arms Wide Open For the Maxi Skirt Comeback

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Find out how maxi skirts resurfaced in today’s fashion world

When it comes to trend-tracking, one must consider a handful of factors before concluding which one is moving forward and which one will stay in the past. Although, fashion nowadays can’t be simply put into one description as people venture into various micro trends, while others continue to modernize fashion from before.

It’s pretty evident that in the past three years, fashion enthusiasts played with the Y2K aesthetic—from mini bags, baggy jeans, insane graphic shirts, to cute baby tees. However, there was a smooth transition of trends from 2021 to 2022, and you’ll notice this if you’re an avid user of TikTok. Internet personality Emma Chamberlain is known for her eccentric yet chic style. She made chunky loafers the next big thing, and so was the reemergence of maxi skirts.

It was her audio on TikTok that people from across the world used in their videos as they showed their interpretation of her lazy summer outfit. The ensemble includes a ‘90s-inspired maxi skirt, which can be plain or printed, paired with a plain tank top, and finished off with a pair of loafers and white socks. Et voilà—you know have an easy yet comfy look for the summer.

Another moment we can reference is the photo of Gwyneth Paltrow from the ‘90s, where she was seen sporting an ultra-chic all green outfit. It resurfaced for quite some time and people described her look as the perfect ‘90s outfit, which consisted of a cardigan and a maxi skirt. 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations

Combining these two sources caused a domino effect as fashion enthusiasts wore the combo as they went out and about in the city. It was only a matter of time before the maxi skirt also debuted on the runway, which is what exactly happened just last year. 

For both SS23 and FW23 womenswear, the fashion from the ‘90s was heavily influenced in most collections. We saw the switch from mini to maxi in both dresses and skirts, and prints were of the past as clean tops and sleek silhouettes made their way down the runway. The change of trend was seen in brands like Ferragamo, Fendi, Tod’s, and YSL. 

Although the clothing is tied to the era of the ‘90s, people now use it in various popular aesthetics such as Coquette, Cottagecore, and even K-Fashion. Perhaps what we’re simply trying to say is that maxi skirts are the new mini bags in the fashion world—a must in every wardrobe—and we may or may not be joining the bandwagon. 

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