New York Fashion Critic Judges Heart Evangelista and Kryz Uy's Closet
New York Fashion Critic Weighs In On Heart Evangelista And Kryz Uy’s Closet In Viral Video

New York Fashion Critic Weighs In On Heart Evangelista And Kryz Uy’s Closet In Viral Video

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American Fashion Critic and YouTuber, Luke Meagher of Haute le Mode, gains 1.8 million views by judging Heart Evangelista and Kryz Uy’s Closet Tours. Were the Crazy Rich Closets able to wow him?

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About a year ago, Heart Evangelista-Escudero and Kryz Uy individually broke the internet by uploading their much-awaited closet tours on YouTube. In the videos, there were lit up shoe racks, a Himalayan Birkin, islands of accessories, and rows upon rows of designer clothing. The fashion world was shaken to their core. And, that’s putting it lightly. We even made a fair share of articles about the closets a little while back. To no surprise, international media was caught up on it, too—dubbing the ladies as the “Real Crazy Rich Asians.”

In comes, Luke Meagher a 23 year-old NYC based fashion critic. Luke is most known for his YouTube channel, Haute le Mode, a fashion commentary vlog posed in a “fun, sassy, bitchy way.”

In his videos, he projects an unabashedly honest point-of-view, which has garnered the hearts of many. That being said, he is a highly respected voice in the fashion industry and is praised by Teen Vogue, Coveteur, and Business of Fashion.

Late last year, Meagher came to know Heart Evangelista when she came out in the Harper’s BAZAAR video titled, These are the Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. After which, he chanced upon her closet tour and decided to do a video, as it was right up his ally. Once the video blew up, he continued the series by making a second closet tour review on Kryz Uy’s My Walk-in Closet Tour #Skypod video—to which the blogger responded. Did Haute le Mode enjoy Philippine fashion? Or, did he give us a Nuclear Wintour eye roll? We’ve got the lowdown for you.

Reaction to Heart Evangelista’s Closet Tour

Needless to say, Luke was excited for Heart Evangelista’s My Closet Tour video. He wanted to find out if she owned outfits like those she wore on the Harper’s BAZAAR video. More specifically, he was looking for the Chanel Haute Couture look. With the mix of international brands and local brands in Heart’s closet, Luke was surprised.

In comparison to his Huda Kattan closet review, he found Heart’s sense of style to be on the conservative side. Further along the video, Heart mentioned Filipino fashion designer, Mark Bumgarner. Unfortunately, Luke failed to comment on it due to his lack of knowledge on the pieces and the designer. Not long after, the review ended with Luke astonished at Heart’s bag painting skills. Then, he even challenged her to do another video showing her archives. Here’s to hoping!

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Reaction to Kryz Uy’s Closet Tour

For Kryz Uy’s closet tour review, Luke dove in with little research at hand. In comparison to Heart’s video, where the critic admitted to researching on her family drama. Once the video started, he had his eyes peeled to the screen. Right off the bat, he loved the closet for its architectural beauty. He gaped over her glass wardrobes, 600 hangers, and LED-lit shoe closet.

As the video went on, Kryz shocked Luke with her Marie Kondo way of style. He was eager to find out more about it, as Kryz proceeded with the video. As he approached the end, Luke pressed on Kryz to show more of her garments and her favorite looks. Early this year, Kryz created a response video titled, “Reacting to Haute Le Mode Reacting to My “Crazy Rich Asian” Closet Tour” to which she addressed all his comments. It was a short and sweet video that made for good inter-web banter.

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