Are You Doing Your Lashes Right? Learn From These Celebs And Their Makeup Artists!

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Your lashes could do so much more than you think! But are you doing it right?

You’re probably done with your eyebrows by now and it is snatched. Your winged liner is on fleek, and your eyeshadow is on point. But the routine is far from done. You still have your eyelashes to do and this one can be a bit tricky. One mistake can totally take away the totality of your look.

Take it from your faves themselves, lashes can totally completely change any look. But not all lashes work for everyone. There are still a few things to consider in wearing the eyelashes of your choice. So we gathered the best eyelash looks your favorite celebs pulled off for some pointers in picking the right eyelash look for you!


Skip the falsies and enhance your natural lashes for the perfect barely there look! Swipe right for more looks!


Long lashes can go a long way with emphasizing the eyes on your overall look! Swipe right for more!


Take volume and length to the next level with bold eyelashes for an effortlessly fierce look. Swipe right for more looks!