This Eye Optical Shop On Wheels Exists And It Could Drive To You Next

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Talk about clarity and convenience! Sunnies Specs On Wheels is the first optical shop on-the-go and you can be the next one to get your eyes checked without having to leave your neighborhood. 

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Nothing can spice up your day better than a good ol’ retro van come to pick you up, only for it to transform into an eye exam room once you enter inside. With Specs on Wheels, Sunnies Specs’ resident optometrists will get your eyes tested safely and accurately at your home or any of your preferred locations.

It’s a convenient vision solution for both young people and higher-risk individuals who are encouraged to stay indoors. Not to mention it’s one hell of an experience, too. You can easily book an appointment on and their mobile optical shop will come to you once you secure your slot with a P500 down payment.

eye optical on wheels, sunnies specs

sunnies specs on wheels eye optical

With every appointment, you can consult your prescription, choose your frames, and upgrade your lenses. Additionally, every Specs on Wheels appointment is made safer with elevated sanitation measures and built-in UV light filtering. They can accommodate up to three people per group and there is a purchase of P3999 for every appointment.

sunnies specs on wheels

The consultation takes about 30 minutes or less and the finished eyewear will be shipped to you either on the same day or the next business day–free of charge.

To find out more about this eye optical on wheels, log on to, or check their Instagram page.