EXCLUSIVE: Young Designer Chris Nick Shoots Campaign In New York
EXCLUSIVE: Young Designer Chris Nick Shoots Campaign In New York

EXCLUSIVE: Young Designer Chris Nick Shoots Campaign In New York

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Seems like young designer Chris Nick surely knows how to make it in the cut-throat industry of fashion one campaign after another. 

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Being in the business of fashion requires not only showcasing your creative ingenuity but also knowing the right market to tap. And in the case of emerging Filipino designer Chris Nick, one will be quite convinced that he’s definitely taking on the industry at a rapid state—all thanks to his exquisite collections he features every other runway show.


One good illustration is his recent holiday collection, which he successfully presented at MEGA Fashion Week 2019. Apart from surprising everyone with a handful of celebrities in sartorial ensembles walking down the catwalk, he also garnered the most views for the MEGA Designer Talks where he shared his perspective on his fashion rendezvous.

“The collection focused on the 40s, so it’s when women had roles in society because men had to go to war,” Chris explains to MEGA. “And since women needed to opt for tailored pieces to save more fabric, this is me trying to create an edgier, more powerful, more glamorous version of that.”

Welcome To The Empire State

Nothing says edge, power, and glamour than hustling and bustling streets of the Big Apple. For several decades, New York has always signified the status as the center for finance, culture, and an overall busy lifestyle. So, with that in mind, Chris only saw it fitting to shoot his Holiday 2019 collection in the empire state.

“I feel like [New York] is one of the busiest cities in the world. When you say Paris, it’s very chic and elegant. But when it comes to New York, it’s very busy, powerful, and rumbling,” Chris shares. “There’s so much happening, so then I feel like that’s where the new woman would be. She’s working for herself. She’s really all about thriving.”

As Chris understood that he was already dressing a new wave of strong women who’ll influence the world of tomorrow, he considered it as one of the reasons why he highlighted tailored pieces as well. Being his first-ever campaign to shoot overseas, he gave us an impeccable point-of-view, one that is distinct to the Chris Nick brand.

While feminine silhouettes had always been present in his previous collections, this time around, he chose to show the opposite side of it—masculine, with a hint of edginess creating a much more powerful version of the Chris Nick woman.

Although this may be, perhaps we can still say that the best aspect of his Holiday 2019 pieces is that there’s a perfect balance between sophistication and sultriness. He showed us a true depiction of how a woman doesn’t need to show too much skin just for the sake of looking sexy because, for him, all you need was the right silhouette and sense of style.

Art direction by Valerie Harley
Photography by Z Tampoya
Models Vita Viteniko and Liza Rey