EXCLUSIVE: TWICE Plans To Elevate Their Style On Their Next Concert In The Philippines

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In an exclusive interview with TWICE, we find out that they’ll be taking on a more mature style on their next visit to the Philippines.

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We may be in a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean our love for TWICE has to be put on hold. On the contrary, it’s our time to unite as ONCEs to support our favorite girl group to get us through the tough times. That’s why last June 27, the Filipino ONCE Community came together with BENCH for an event of a lifetime.

Photo from BENCH | [L-R:] Mina, Jeongyeon, Momo

In the TWICE x BENCH 2021 Virtual Fun Meet, a number of fans were able to watch their favorite idols in KUMU for a virtual concert. After which, some of them even got the chance to meet TWICE in an exciting virtual meet and greet. Filipino ONCEs were able to talk and take pictures with the girls, while we were able to score intel on their next concert in the Philippines. Here’s what we were able to ask the girls.

MEGAStyle: The last time you were in the Philippines was 2019. If you were to perform here again, how do you think it would be different from the last time?

Sana: Compared to the last time, we have more mature songs so I think the fans would be able to enjoy the concert in a different style.

Photo from BENCH | [L-R:] Sana, Tzuyu, Nayeon

MEGAStyle: Which of your new songs do you think your Filipino fans will enjoy the most?

Nayeon, Momo: “Alcohol Free”

Jihyo: and also, “Baby Blue Love” because it’s summer and these songs give you a cool feeling.

Photo from BENCH | [L-R:] Dahyun, Jihyo, Chaeyoung

Overall, the girls were such a joy to talk to. They were very nice, well-mannered, and sprightly. In addition to this, we’re so eager to find out what the “different style” Sana was talking about during our interview, so we’ve made a few predictions.

Bad Girl Concept

We’ve seen a glimpse of the Bad Girl Concept done in FANCY and somewhat in Like OOH-AHH. With that being said, we still haven’t seen the girls go all out with a Bad Girl Concept. We’re hoping to see some girl boss moves in their next songs.

Military Concept

The Military Concept has been done over and over again in the KPOP world, but we somehow aren’t tired of it at all. We’ve seen TWICE pull off some monochromatic looks with touches of military aesthetics. Although, we are still hoping to see them decked out in a mature version of a uniform.

Futuristic Concept

TWICE loves a fantastic fairytale-esque concept, but we’re really hoping to see a high fashion Futuristic Concept on their next concert here. We can’t wait to see all the chic metallic looks they’ll be wearing for this concept.