EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind Longchamp’s Short Film, Très Paris

In this exclusive interview, Longchamp’s Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine shares the story behind conceptualizing their newly released short film, Très Paris.

With the success of the Netflix hit series Emily In Paris, proving to us that being in the City of Lights accords one an endless amount of possibilities. Whether it’s about pushing your career to further heights or even finding new love, Parisians truly know how to live life to the fullest. While the majority of us got a better glimpse of the true life of a Parisian, Longchamp’s latest campaign through a short film titled, Très Paris, gives us the best depiction of la vie Parisienne. After all, nobody can outdo a fashion house narrating what it’s like to be strolling the romantic city.

In its new film, it stars Longchamp’s Roseau bags, which are accidentally exchanged in the whirlwind of Paris by night. The plot magically blurred the lines between fantasy and reality to portray Paris as the city of endless possibilities.

According to Sophie Delafontaine, the reason why they wanted to magically merge fantasy with reality is that given “the particular current COVID-19 climate, people need warm, colorful, optimistic energy to face the reality. The mission of the new Très Paris communication was to deliver this positive energy to customers by showing lively and smiling Parisian girls and a more authentic Paris.”

This understated yet eccentric production is not your typical fashion film, but a foray into the real Paris of Parisian women with all the emotion and joie de vivre of the city. Compared to other fashion films executed before, “the Paris shown in Très Paris is probably more authentic and more unexpected especially at 5 in the morning,” she explains. “The Parisian girls depicted are all smile (or crying) and healthy. They are more authentic too.”

And to finally cap-off this masterpiece, the film was set to “Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille…” (It’s 5 AM, Paris awakens”), a famous song by Jacques Dutronc, which was brought to life by the deep and sensual voice of the stunning Clara Luciani, providing this lively and dynamic short film with the feel of a music video. “I’m a fan of Clara Luciani’s deep and sensual voice and her Parisian elegance and attitude. So, [she] was my first choice and I was very happy when Clara agreed to reinterpret this classic French song,” the artistic director shares.

Going Back Home

In recent years, we’ve witnessed how Longchamp successfully penetrated the US market after mounting its first-ever fashion show in New York, as well as opening the new boutique located at 5th Avenue. But as the pandemic taught us to slow down and look within ourselves, Longchamp thought of doing it, too—revisit where their heritage and showcase who a Longchamp woman really is.

“After two years dedicated to the US Market (Kendall as the brand ambassador, the new boutique at 5th Avenue, four fashion shows at the Fashion Week in New York), Longchamp really felt the need to refocus on Paris and develop a new communication platform highlighting authenticity and energy—the two key values of the brand,” the artistic director explains.

So, the brand picked several talented and up-and-coming actresses to play the Parisian women in this unexpected film. But what makes Longchamp’s Parisian woman, conceived by Sophie Delafontaine while creating her latest collection, so unique? “I wanted to depict an active, spontaneous, and open-minded woman, one who grabs hold of life with elegance and independent spirit,” she says. “She’s strong, but also indulgent and never takes herself too seriously.”

With this film, the French brand strayed from traditional campaigns to present the City of Light in all its glory. In fact, the very goal of this bold and carefree cinematic adventure was to illustrate the Paris of real authentic Parisian women. So, say oui to infinite possibilities.

Watch Longchamp’s short film Très Paris below:

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