Exclusive: Maja Salvador And Nadine Lustre Team Up For A Sizzling Swimwear Campaign

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Two of the hottest stars today, Maja Salvador and Nadine Lustre take on the days of summer in fiery style with their newest campaign for H&M—and MEGA has exclusive access as we flew to sunny San Vicente, Palawan for the photoshoot.

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A sky painted in coral and indigo by the setting sun, the lulling sound of crashing waves, the finest of sand golden on your feet—it’s where everyone wants to be right now. It was also where I happen to find myself a few months ago. I also found myself trailing two of the hottest stars—and the warmest—in paradise appropriately so. Yes, the rumors are true: Nadine Lustre and Maja Salvador have finally come together, and in the most sizzling fashion, no less.

Sure, it may be raining on us now, but the pair sure is set to heat things up with the summer campaign of retail giant H&M in the Philippines, parting through the curtain of drizzles of torrential rain in various increments. Last year, the brand tapped Nadine Lustre as their first-ever local ambassador, thrilling fans and fashion aficionados alike with their swimwear campaign. This time around, Maja, H&M’s newest addition to its family, joins Nadine.

H&M Nadine Lustre Maja Salvador Summer Campaign
H&M’s newest ambassador Maja Salvador joins Nadine Lustre in the newest campaign shot in San Vicente, Palawan.

“Some of the pieces this season are trendier and tailored to your body type,” Nadine shares. And don’t we all know it? More than anything, fit with bikinis is key—it can definitely make or break a piece. “I love the prints naman, it’s so fun! Like the one I wore earlier,” Maja adds, alluding to the vibrant, two-piece zebra print that highlighted her athletic body.

In between takes, I couldn’t help but ask the girls how they feel about finally working together in H&M’s campaign. “I’m so excited kasi ang tagal na naming last nag-work ni Nadine,” Maja starts. “And I feel lucky H&M asked me and that we finally pushed through!”

“Really happy na I get to share my second time shooting for H&M with Maj. I’m also happy when I’m at the beach. I love the ocean, so it doesn’t feel like we’re working at all.” Nadine adds. When asked what the biggest difference is with this and her first shoot, she laughs. “My weight! Comparing all the photos and I definitely lost weight.”

Lensman Dookie Ducay, while capturing the two multi-hyphenates with his camera, couldn’t help but marvel at the chemistry of Nadine and Maja and their ease in working together. “They make it look effortless. Super easy to shoot the two. Parang hindi work talaga!”

H&M Nadine Lustre Maja Salvador Summer Campaign
Petite like H&M ambassador Maja Salvador? You can never go wrong with a classic cut updated with a standout print.

Confidence is in fashion 

With the Philippines being a tropical country with the best beaches in the world, swimwear is basically an essential all year round. And with H&M’s latest offerings of swimsuits, it just got better. But how does one even begin to choose?

“You should wear what you want and kung saan ka comfortable,” Maja shares when asked what to wear confidently on the beach. “When you’re comfortable, you’re confident, and it shows.” That’s definitely no problem with the newest collection as there’s a lot of options for everyone with its diverse styles and—get this—affordable prices. What’s Maja’s go-to bikini style? Classic and relaxed triangle tops that perfectly accentuate her petite frame.

Meanwhile, Nadine opts for high-cut swimsuits that never fail to give her legs for days. Her advice for people who want to be confident? “Love the skin you’re in. Ignore the beauty standards social media shows you,” Nadine adds. “You are who you are and there’s no one else in the world like you.”

H&M Nadine Lustre Maja Salvador Summer Campaign
Take a walk on the wild side a la Nadine Lustre with a boldly cut bikini in a daring animal print.


With their toned and taut bodies, it’s hard to imagine these ladies to be anything but confident. After all, they worked tirelessly for it. But just how hard are we talking?

Nag-start ako to get more serious a few weeks before when I was less busy with work,” Maja replies as I gestured towards her svelte frame. She’s kept her workout routine as consistent as possible (as much as her schedule would allow) leading up to the days of the shoot.

H&M Nadine Lustre Maja Salvador Summer Campaign
Maja Salvador had us feeling the joy of her summer with her bubbly energy throughout the shoot.

Meanwhile, Nadine Lustre was strict in the strictest sense of the word. Together with her fitness instructor, Lahaina Mae Mondonedo, they would find time to do a full workout even with the jam-packed schedule.

But for Nadine, it’s all in a day’s work. She shares, “Working out wasn’t really hard since I love exercising anyway.” “Her focus and hard work are evident with how amazing she looks in these suits,” affirms Lahaina.

Aside from keeping physically fit, Nadine emphasizes the importance of self-care. “I do things that I love. I keep my creative juices running, I listen to a lot of music.” Maja adds, “You should take care of yourself by doing things that make you happy.”

H&M Nadine Lustre Maja Salvador Summer Campaign
Whether in bright hues or classic black, love the skin you’re in with cop-worthy separates from H&M.


Speaking of happiness, I’ve never seen a happier face like Nadine Lustre or Maja Salvador as they were finally able to treat themselves to a bite (or two) of chocolate upon wrapping up. The girls indulged themselves as we gathered around the glowing embers of the bonfire by the shore.

As luck would have it, our time in San Vicente coincided with the seasonal hatching of Palawan’s baby turtles. The next day found us excitedly heading towards hatcheries. The turtles would then be released in the ocean to set off on their own. Everyone from the girls to the crew huddled around the newborn creatures, seemingly lost in the magic of the moment. We all watched as the turtles inched their way towards the ocean, and we kept on watching until the last ones faded away from view.

Nadine muses, “Enjoy every moment. I can’t stress enough how lucky we all are to be here right now. Live life. Be grateful. Love.”

The swimwear collection will be available in all H&M stores on June 18. #HMSwimEssentials #NadineandMajaforHM