Furne One Shares The Story Behind Miss Universe Philippines Swimwear
EXCLUSIVE: Furne One Shares The Story Behind Miss Universe Philippines Swimwear

EXCLUSIVE: Furne One Shares The Story Behind Miss Universe Philippines Swimwear

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Venturing to an unexplored terrain in the world of fashion design, Furne One shares the story of how he ended up designing swimwear for the first-ever Miss Universe Philippines Top 16.

Making sure that the inaugural edition of Miss Universe Philippines isn’t just your quintessential annual pageant, the organization tapped one of the most respected couturiers in the world, Dubai-based Filipino designer, Furne One of AMATO Couture. Inimitable on his own accord, the iconic designer has garbed several Hollywood A-List stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Ariana Grande, to name a few.

But while he’s famed all over the world because of his awe-inducing intricacy realized in breathtaking gowns, his collaboration for the pageant won’t exactly revolve around such creations. This time around, Furne surprised the entire fashion industry as he will be designing swimwear for all the candidates.

In his exclusive meeting with MEGA held virtually on Zoom, Furne One shares that his journey in designing for Miss Universe Philippines started because of his dear friend and fellow designer Albert Andrada—the brilliant designer who was behind Pia Wurtzbach’s spirited blue winning gown in 2015.


“Honestly, I was so hesitant to say yes at first, because my design is more avant-garde and more couture,” Furne admits. “But because I highly believe in Albert and the rest of the Miss Universe organization, I said yes. And it’s a big yes for me because it’s my country, my heart is always for the Philippines.”

A New Era Of Couture

Couture is only worn for special occasions. It could be for weddings, big galas, or prestigious awards night. To even attempt to create a couture gown requires a very tedious process and a mastery of the art of sewing. Each embellishment requires a person to hand-stitch it to the gown so as to result in what we call a work of art.


Being in the industry for almost three decades now, Furne One has already attained the title of a world-class couturier. If this seems to be the case, how come he’s now venturing into designing swimwear? “It’s a new challenge because I started with MEGA 27 years ago designing couture dresses, which I owe so much to our icons, Sari Yap and Josie Natori,” he explains. “But I think what’s important now is flexibility. It’s like innovating myself to the needs of times. It’s not about creativity sometimes, but it’s also the responsibility of the designer because designers are creators of art.”


So, as he slowly steps out into this unexplored terrain, he kept on thinking, “How do I incorporate my DNA to swimwear? How do I make this happen?” Lo and behold, Furne had a light bulb moment as he understood that this is not about him anymore, it’s about the women who’ll wear the figure-forming pieces.

To achieve producing magnificent swimsuits, AMATO collaborated with AMARI Swim, a luxury swimwear founded by Vea Vasayllaje. And as he draws inspiration from the beauty in simplicity and purity, he aims for his very first designed swimsuit to be the phenomenal woman that they are.

Aiming to highlight the true, authentic beauty of a Filipina, the swimsuits were in white to symbolize purity. And as the women sashayed the stage, they were also wearing this stunning sheer coat embellished with colored crystals accentuated by ostrich feathers on the sleeves—showcasing the true DNA of a Furne One creation.

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