Here are the Exclusive BTS Photos from Kisses Delavin's #MegaIGtorial

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With her angelic face, rose-tinted lips, and large wavy locks, March cover girl Kisses Delavin broke the internet with her viral #MEGAIGtorial.
Prior to the release of the much-awaited March cover featuring Kisses Delavin, MEGA teased the readers and fans with their #MegaIGtorial. It follows Kisses, as the main heroine of the story. She later finds herself in a dilemma of attending a party and choosing a date to come with her. But she is no damsel in distress, but a confidently independent heroine in her own tale.
Kisses romanced this season’s pastel hues and delicate laces in her stylish outfits. Full of class and elegance, the leading lady stunned us with her double-tap worthy photos and regal aura against the Victorian-inspired backdrop.
In love with Kisses’ #MEGAIGtorial? Check out some of these #MEGAVivoMoments’ behind-the-scene images from the shoot below powered by Vivo Smartphone!
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