Meet Four Entrepreneurs Under 25 Who Have Conquered Work In Style
Entrepreneurs In Their 20s Who Have Proven They’ve Got What It Takes To Run A Business In Style

Entrepreneurs In Their 20s Who Have Proven They’ve Got What It Takes To Run A Business In Style

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Age is definitely just a number for these young entrepreneurs. Find out how these MEGA Men dress for success.

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Nowadays, everyone’s starting a business. What can we say? The barriers of entry for multiple industries have been a little more open for the past few months. After the pandemic has evened out the playing field, more and more entrepreneurs are starting up businesses. But who’s to say they will last? We’ve interviewed four entrepreneurs who have made it in their 20s with successful businesses under their belt. These men have proven their knowledge in the industry and in their sense of style. Find out their entrepreneurial secrets and the fits they sport while getting the bread.
Entrepreneurs, Business Style
Kyle Cruz, owner of CRUZ, a genderless and minimalistic fashion label.

Kyle is the 20 year-old designer and entrepreneur behind CRUZ. He started the business right after high school and continues to operate it till this day. The young designer shares that he willfully dropped out of college, so he could concentrate on his dreams of one day going global. Moreover, Kyle is a firm believer in being able to make it big without the help of a diploma or formal education. To him it’s all about the hustle. He admits that getting into the fashion industry at a young age is hard, but it does give him more time to improve his craft.

The CRUZ motto is to “Stand out without being too loud,” which is also how Kyle dresses to impress during meetings and personal affairs. His go-to look is something comfortable, yet business ready, such as a casual blazer paired with trousers.
Entrepreneurs, Business Style
Yohan Dalogdog, owner of Praco Inc., a lifestyle brand that houses Praco, Praco Skin, Point Studios, and a small garment factory called Fifty Factory.

Yohan Dalogdog is the 24 year-old who has pushed boundaries with the very first local skincare line by men for everyone. What sets Praco apart from other labels is that they encourage their consumers to reinterpret their products to represent them. Nowadays, most brands lean towards a specific market and stick to it. Praco carefully pays attention to all their clients, so they wouldn’t get lost in the middle.

When Yohan was still working for a PR Company, his wardrobe was prescribed to be black from head to toe. Now that he’s conducting business in his own terms, he goes to the mini-factory in his comfy sleepwear. We guess that’s what pays to be the boss.

Jico Cruz, co-founder of Zobel Archers, a community organization in that revolves around Basketball for the Alumni of De La Salle Zobel.

Jico Cruz is the 25 year-old who figured out how to make the most out of the Philippine’s strong basketball community. As a former athlete himself, the young entrepreneur faced a long journey of self-doubt. Despite this, he was able to come out of the darkness through immersing himself with like-minded people. Creating leagues in localized communities became Jico’s ultimate passion and tribute for the love of the game

For meetings, Jico has a strict pants only rule. During his personal affairs, the south boy loves to kick it in his shorts. If there is anything consistent with his outfits, it has got to be his signature watches and shades.

Diego Harmuch, founder of Luminary Models, a boutique scouting agency, developing bright and upcoming talents worldwide.

At the young age of 25, Diego Harmuch has proven his capabilities as an entrepreneur in a global setting. The model, photographer, and business mogul came from small city in the south of Brazil where being a model or working in the creative industry is only a dream. With pure hard work, the model was able to learn English, move to a different country, and start his own business. Luminary models is now a provider of talent for bookings all over the world and it all started with Diego and the friends who have helped him reach his goals.

Diego’s natural habitat is where the beach is at. He’s most comfortable in a casual fit with his token flip-flops and board shorts. Despite this, he’s a whole other person when working. The young entrepreneur opts for an all black outfit during photoshoots and meetings. He would sometimes add in a pop of color by throwing in a hat or a blazer.