Elevate Entertainment with MEGA Ent
Elevate Entertainment with MEGA Ent

Elevate Entertainment with MEGA Ent

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MEGA Ent is entertainment for a new world, a new normal. 

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MEGA Ent is MEGA’s foray into elevated entertainment journalism. This is the place to get your fix on A-List stars, exclusive revelations, thoughtful confessions, and inspiring milestones—straight from the mouths of your favorite celebrities and the most well-regarded entertainment writers and editors.

And since this is a MEGA publication, you can expect the same inimitable fashion styling and creative concepts that MEGA is known for. What else? Fair, unbiased storytelling, and intelligent, intriguing stories. It’s all the best of showbiz without the guilt.

Why MEGA Ent? We’re taking a cue from OneMega.com and aim to provide the Filipino reader with truthful content, as well as a platform for the biggest stars to speak their truth. Oh, and it’s going to be fun. Like, seriously fun. Expect to laugh, cry, fall in love, get inspired or even learn a lesson or two.

nadine lustre breakup
Nadine Lustre broke the news of her breakup to James Reid in #MakingMEGA

Our First Time

Our process is simple: First, get a well-respected and trusted entertainment editor who can write a mean story, present it in a way that is exciting, original and—most importantly—full of integrity. G3 San Diego is all of this and more. She’s a fiercely intelligent woman who has earned the friendship and esteem of a number of celebrities. She’s got style, class, and is a hoot to work with. Read her piece on Julia Barretto for a dose of her unique style and perspective.

julia barretto mega ent

Second, get a star. But not just any star, we mean only the best, the top of the top. MEGA Ent takes off from what MEGA started and featuring stars that are worth reading about. This isn’t about age or experience or box office numbers or even social media following. The stars of MEGA Ent are the stars that shine the brightest because they’re unique, all original, and stand for something bigger.

Heart Evangelista shares the lessons she’s learned living life in the spotlight

Third, make it fashion. It can’t be a MEGA production if it’s not styled in a way to inspire and impress. From old school glamour to pared down essentials, the coolest pieces on the hottest faces and bodies, MEGA Ent will be taking the entertainment’s famous people in the land, elevate them further and create a new conversation with their fans—and more.

So, welcome to MEGA Ent. Forget about guilty pleasures. Forget the same old story. This is entertainment as it should be.