Dream Worlds Come To Life In These Themed Suites For Your Little Ones

A dream vacation for parents and a special adventure for kids–delight in a staycation full of fun and surprises at Aruga by Rockwell!

The Aruga lobby gives guests a warm welcome with adequate seating that is directly tied with Aruga Cafe by Mesclun where you can indulge in your all-day dining favourites

Nothing excites children more than exploring new environments and seeing their fantasies come to life. Families who love to travel can give their kids a wonderful experience. But for a luxurious dream vacation not too far from home, Aruga by Rockwell goes above and beyond for you and your family with fun and immersive Themed Suites perfect for creating special moments for parents and kids.

The One Bedroom Premier houses separate spaces for its dining, living area, and kitchen while also having the comfort and privacy of their bedrooms

Enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in well-appointed suites that exude comfort, quality service–the signature Rockwell quality. Themed Suites cater to every kid’s fantasy and are perfect for family gatherings, may it be birthday celebrations, play dates, or family weekends spent at the coziness of an urban escape.

There are lots of toys for your princess to play with in the Princess Themed Suite
Aruga gives the Princess Themed Suite a splash of pink, just for your little princess

For the sweet princess of the family, the Princess Themed Suite will make your little lady’s fairy tale dreams come true. Enter her wonderful kingdom of fancy pink linens, toys, and balloons for her to play with and have her own royal vacation. A tiara and sceptre lie in wait for her highness.

The provided cuddly buddies will surely tickle your kid’s soft side

If your little one wants to explore all corners of the world–well, at least the suite–then grab your new fluffy best friends by choosing the Bear Themed Suite. Go on a cross-room adventure with your new pal as you take the stuffed teddy bear and pounce your way through bear paw pillows and linens found in the bedroom and living room. Completing the grizzly look is a cute bear hat for the explorer.

After some family time indoors, Aruga’s pool area is also a fun spot for some bonding time

Each suite package comes with complimentary themed activity books, take-home toys and treats, and discount play passes to ActiveFun at the Power Plant Mall. Themed Suites also include bed & breakfast, WiFi Internet access, as well as swimming pool and fitness gym access for the whole family to enjoy.

Themed Suites have proven to be a big hit with families, giving every member an adventure to bond and make new memories. Family comes first at Aruga by Rockwell, and a new world to explore awaits your kid and the entire family.

Give your kids a colorful, unforgettable adventure at Aruga by Rockwell. To know more about the Themed Suites packages and Aruga by Rockwell, visit <aruga.com.ph>

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